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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Merry Little Christmas

So it looks like Wilson is turning rat bastard on House to Officer Brownshirt.

House has to go to rehab, and get off the Vicodin. House is demanding the chart and some pills for the elf.

"Let's go see a dwarf about a gallium scan."

"You don't look a day over 4 feet."

Looks like the mom elf has a bit of a complex about being an elf. Cuddy is chewing out Wilson for being a rat. Dirty rat. She says he won't be able to function without the Vicodin.

Cuddy is suspending Dr. House and cutting off his Vicodin. He's off the case. He said she'll be begging him to get back on the case.

Now Cameron is getting all self righteous because Cuddy is bending the rules. Haha House was right. She's having liver failure. Wilson wants to talk to Cameron. He thinks she's bitter about him ratting out House. Rat bastard.

"How do you pretend your windfall isn't relevant to this decision?" Pwned!

"Hmm. Medical mystery. Sounds like the kind of thing I would be good at."

He trades Foreman info for pills. He gives the info, but no pills.

"House. You've tanned." Wilson realized that Foreman gave House's diagnosis. He sucks.

House is arguing with the doctor. He leaves before the guy calls security.

Elfkin goes unconscious. Her breath smells fruity. Her pancreas is failing. House was right again. He refuses to help without the Vicodin. I mean flat refuses.
"You have no idea what's wrong with my daughter." Where's house? "He better be really damn sick." Wilson says he is.

House is detoxing. He looks awful. He suggests the elf has an autoimmune problem. He can't even think straight.

"How bad is he?"
"Are you asking because you care or because you don't know whether to trust his judgment?"

I hope Wilson chokes on a sandwich.

"I'm strung out, haven't slept , puking every hour, and I still out diagnosed you."

Wilson is talking with Officer Brownshirt. He says he won't testify. He'll be charged with interfering with an investigation.

The elf is bleeding. House just stole some Vicodin.

They can't decide what's wrong with the elf. Cuddy says gimme a half an hour. She goes to see House. Haha he's arguing with the little girl about whether she has a bear or a dog. Then he says they need to x-ray her leg.

"Normal's not normal if you're not normal."

He says they just assumed she's a dwarf but maybe it's her pituiary. "You got your cancer in my autoimmune."

No growth hormone. She's not a dwarf. She has a granuloma. She wants to stay a dwarf. Mom's all proud. "Just tall enough to wipe her own butt." Mom says to take the pills.

The deal expires tomorrow. It's Christmas eve. House calls his mom. "Just wanted to say Merry Christmas." He takes another pill. Wilson is at the door. House is passed out. The freakin bottle is empty. I think he's trying to kill himself.

He goes to Brownshirt to take the deal. It's off the table. Because House took the dead patient's pills.

Then the jackass says 'Merry Christmas." Merry Fk you pal.