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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A New Year of House - Liveblog

At the scene of a fire, a firefighter is having trouble breathing. He starts toward the fire. A female firefighter stops him. He says he's freezing.

Apparently he's been burned before. He's had skin grafts.

House is in court. A preliminary trial date is set, after he pleads not guilty.

Yep. Burns over 54% of his body a year ago. House doesn't seem to care about the case. Cuddy called him a "stubborn adolescent idiot." She gave him a scrip for vicodin. "you function better on it."

House says it could be male menopause. He says the patient is on Viagara.
Burn boy is freaking out! He choked Cameron.

Officer Brownshirt is there. House MD said, "I'm sorry." He says he lives in pain. Brownshirt says, "Thank you." But accuses House of being insincere and says, "I'll see you at the hearing."

House is going to check into rehab.

BTW. What's with the site design?

Cuddy and Wilson can't believe he's checking in to rehab. He says it's to help his case.

Chase is thinking like House. "Everybody lies." All three are paged at once. Burn Boy is freaking out again. He's having a heart attack. Chase was right. He's been having a whole series of heart attacks. Cameron is going to see House.

House is detoxing and is puking up his guts. He thinks the firebabe is somehow behind what's going on. Burn Boy goes into cardiac again immediately.

Cameron asks Burn Boy if he's in love with Fire Babe. He says she's engaged to his brother. Cameron thinks he's literally dying of a broken heart. House suggests electro-shock therapy. Cuddy says go ahead.

I thought House was gonna deck Brownshirt. He admitted he's just got a vendetta against House.

Burn Boy's done being shocked. His brother is there to see him. Then Fire Babe walks in. He doesn't remember either of them.

House apologizes to Wilson for being mad that Wilson turned him in.

Ho---ly---crap! Firebabe and burn boy's brother aren't getting married. They fried his brain for nothing. House is consulting while in the courtroom. He leaves and the judge threatens to hold him in contempt.

Spinal Meningioma. Obstructs the flow of the blood to the brain which causes the false memories that were killing Burn Boy.

Cameron hugs House.

Cuddy said she swapped the vicodin with a placebo. The case is dismissed. House still has to spend the night in jail for contempt, then he needs to go back to rehab.

Burn Boy is fixed but has no memories. House asks Cuddy for a conjugal visit. She says she perjured herself. His ass belongs to her. Double clinic duty, and then some.

Heh. House is still taking vicodin. Nothing's changed.