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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Liveblogging 9/26/06

Season 3: Lines in the Sand

Okay, I missed the opening segment, so sue me! Oh, and we have a new House fan group! Go check them out!

1909 hrs: Great joke! The veterinary hospital one!

1911 hrs: Is that Vic Mackey's son? Is Vic Mackey gonna kick my ass for saying that?

1913 hrs: Damn! House gets all the chicks!

1914 hrs: Apparently nothing is wrong with the autistic kid. Damn! I guess they have no episode tonight! Well, other than going up his rear and getting a smear!

1916 hrs: Well, there goes that theory!

1920 hrs: Anyone want to venture a guess as to what is wrong with the autistic kid? That's assuming that anyone is reading this right now.

1927 hrs: Wow, House philosophy! Preach, Dr. Preach!

1928 hrs: Whoa, the kid has liver cells under his arm. I imagine that could be a problem...

1933 hrs: Hmmm, imagine that, House thinks the parents have done something.

1935 hrs: Wilson wants Cuddy (mmmmm Cuddy) to defeat House by surrendering to him. Sound like anyone you know? House wants his old bloodstained carpet back.

1937 hrs: Uh-oh, the hot psycho-stalker chick is back!

1940 hrs: Damn! Mmmmm...Cuddy. How is House not hitting that?

1944 hrs: Whoa! That was weird. The kid's right eye rolled up in his head, and the left stayed normal!

1948 hrs: Psycho-stalker chick is backed and locked up in Cuddy's (Mmmm Cuddy) office. Now House has to go talk to her. I imagine she'll say something that will give House the lightening bolt of inspiration that will help him figure out what's wrong with the kid. Now he's quoting Casablanca! Ick!

1953 hrs: Wow, House just convinced her she has a spore in her brain. He rocks.

1954 hrs: The kid has raccoon roundworms in his eyes! Double F&&&ing Ick!

1600 hrs: House saves the kid, the kid gives House his PSP as a way of saying thanks. Apparently House made a connection with the boy. How cheery, and sappy. Even House is shocked. House gets his carpet back while the crappy hippy music plays. Cameron tells House that not all change is bad. Wow! What a freakin' Plato!

Houseism of the night:

FOREMAN: I had a date last night and she screamed. Does that mean we should examine her?

HOUSE: Of course not, this isn't a veterinary hospital.

Juvenile I know, but still, very good!

Great, we have to wait until the Yankees win the World Series before House comes back on.

Well, that's it for this episode of House. I hope all you that weren't reading this had a good time. Courage.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Season 3 Episode 3

Episode title: Informed Consent

Unfortunately I missed most of the episode by now. I'll try to get some sort of recap or delayed liveblog up soon.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Liveblogging Season 3 Episode 2

Cain and Able

Crap! I missed the first few minutes. It's the return from commercials. Cuddy and Wilson are making cracks about "where's the Body odor?"

Then Cuddy and Wilson argue over why House isn't exercising. Wilson acknowledges the hole in Houses leg. I don't think this can be real because pain or no pain... Hole in the leg. No muscle.

House is arguing with pretty boy. He says it's a bleeding disorder, you screwed up the test.

Foreman says "it's a bleeding disorder."

The kid's missing, house says, "let's hope he hasn't gone into hyperdrive. We'll never catch him then."

Chase finds him in a room, he's digging in his neck t get the chip out. His neck's all bloody. Chase pulls his arm away, but then notices a metal sliver.

[Commercial break]

They're arguing over what's wrong with the kid. Now they're talking with the parents. The parents want to knew why they need to keep running tests.

Cameron discovers Veggie fuy from last week is ok. She's gonna tell house. He wants a bucket full of viagra. Hehe

Cameron is arguing with Cuddy that theyu need to tell House the truth.

Kid tells chase that his parents think he's crazy. He gets an injection and starts to hallucinate. Alarms start going on everywhere.

"I could smell what the Rock was cooking" Killer line. Now they want to do some test on the kid's heart.

His heart isn't the problem. House keeps insisting on looking at bigger and bigger screen resolutions. House jusmps up to point something out, and cleatly hurt his leg.

Cuddy wants to take a pet scan of his brain. House is insisting on insinuating that Cuddy is pregnant.

They're looking at the kid's bllood or whatever and Chase says, "alien DNA"

[Commercial break]

House wants a plausible "terrestrial explanation" for the kid's alien DNA. Cameron wants to flush out the bad DNA

Wilson still refuses to let House know about veggie guy. Foreman says all House's brilliant ideas have been Cameron's. Cameron tells Foreman that House didn't blow the last case, but the beleif that he did is messing up his mind.

Chase explains the surgery they plan to do on the kid. He tells the kid, everyhtinf is fixed and he can go home tomorrow.

Wilson tries to get House back on the vicodin, but House says he doesn't want to be dependent on a drug to get through the day. Bastard. Wilson says, "youre not always right... you've proven that lately." Liar!

House is running like a madman on the treadmill. THe kid sees strange lights and starts to levitate, but it turns out he's still in surgery.

[Commercial break]

They tell House that it's neurological, but the scan is clean. House goes to do his wall ball thinking routine.

He's got nothing. He says to send the kid home. He says the remaining symptons might just be psychological. Wilson had really put the mind eff on him. He tells Cuddy that "you gotta know when to stop."

He tells Cuddy that she's been overly dupportive. She's either guilt ridden or hormonal. She admits that he was right about veggie guy. Suddenly he has a breakthrough.

House says what if he's not a person. What if he's two persons. He's a twin that merged together in one.

The twin inside is competing with him. House tells the parents. They say you're talking about brain surgery. House says, "we're talking about really cool brain surgery."

They're in the OR. THe kid is protesting as they perform the operation. He tells them to turn it up higher. Chase says the next step is brain damage.

The kid's hallucinating hard. He sees aliens. Little skinny big headed grey aliens. Then he sanps out of it and says, "you got them."

House tells Wilson that Cuddy lied to him. Wilson says that doesn't sound like her, and House replies that it sounds like him though. Wilson says he thought that if he knew he was right based on no evidence he would think he's God. House says, "God doesn't limp."

House gets back home and grabs the cane and starts using it.

Next week on House... House may have to play Dr. Kevorkian

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Liveblogging the Season 3 Premiere

I'm just reserving the spot for the post tonight. I may wind up missing the first few minutes, which isn't going to make me happy. Feel free to get started in the comments.

I missed the first few minutes. Tuned in and House is Running to work. 8 Miles. Wha?

House gets his first case back. A quadriplegic with no broken neck.

Cameron is shocked that the patients wife thanked him. He says, "I loaned her money." Heh.

He thinks the female patient is faking.

Wilson is trying to figure out why House took one of the cases.

House plans to take a spinal tap then slams the needle into her heart instead.

[Commercial break]

House tells Cameron that she doesn't want to date him because she can't nurse him back to health like a sick puppy now that he can walk.

House wants to perform the surgery. Wilson tries to psychoanalyze him some more. House pushes his way into the ER and decides that she's suffering scurvy and doesn't need surgery. Somehow I don't beleive that she's all better.

House is talking with the male patient's wife. He figures out that she doesn't want to take care of her husband but not taking care of him would make her miserable. Then he notices vegetable guy is attempting to talk.

[Halfway point]

House thinks veggie guy has a pancreatic cyst or something. The team argues with him, but then we see Chase and Foreman doing an ultrasound. Veggie guy's throst collapsed. Now House thinks that he might have cancer. He says the throat didn't collapse, it contracted.

He tells Veggie guys wife that they want to check out his brain, but Cameron is there trying to talk her out of it. "He could die." Wife says, "he's already dead."

Veggie guy on operating table. Blood oozes from his ear.

[Commercial Break]

House says redo all blood tests and scans. The team says "No." Cuddy says no. "For the fist time in years I have no opiates in my body. Now you question my judgement."

Wilson tells him no. Cuddy called him and said House would try an end around. House wants Wilson to give him Vicodin. Wilson says it will just take time for it to feel good.

House has been doing more jogging and then cools himself in a public fountain. Then he runs to Cuddy's house to tell her what is wrong with veggie guy. His brain overheated.

"He'll have sex with his wife again. He'll hug his kid again. I hope I got that order right. It'd be a shame to cure a pedophile."

Cuddy denies him his plan. House says she was right to say no. As the patient is checking out Cuddy says wait. She injects him with cortizol like House suggested. Nothing.

Veggie comes to. Unbuckles the belt on the wheelchair and tries to stand up. Wife hugs him breaking down with emotion. Family hug.

Cuddy tells Wilson she needs to tell House he was right. "Just because he was right doesn't mean he wasn't wrong."

Cuddy doesn't want to withhold from House but Wilson says, "Everybody lies."

Rolling stones "You can't always get what you want." House is in his apt. Fade to credits.

Next week on House...

Season 3 Premieres Tonight

Episode Title: Meaning

Don't forget that it airs one Hour early, 8pm ET on FOX.

When we last saw House, he was being whisked into the OR and regained consciousness just in time to reveal that the entire episode was a dream sequence. He had suffered a gunshot wound and requested a procedure that may or may not releive him of his pain, and also may or may not cause other changes in his brain or personality.

In the ad for the premiere, it seems that he is no longer in pain, but also may have lost all common sense. Is it another dream sequence? Is it real? We will find out tonight. Tune in here at Blogs For House for a liveblog of the Season 3 Premiere.

Remember, one hour early!