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Monday, November 23, 2009

House MD Season 6 Episode 9 Recap

Ignorance is Bliss

The future patient is in a bookstore as a courier. The bookstore attendant notices that the messenger looks like a famous physicist, except much more of a hobo version. Then he realizes he really is the guy. He asks the scientist to sign a book for him, but he can't. His hand isn't working. The employee asks him if he's okay, and he says no.

Back in the Hospital, the team is discussing what may be wrong with the patient. Foreman suggests Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), a rare blood disorder, as tension in the room is high, and Thirteen agrees with him. Dr.House is shocked. She says did you think I wouldn't agree with him... ever? House says they're all one big happy family, and tells them to get a blood smear and run tests for TTP.

Preliminary tests show that the schistocytes indicate that it is TTP. Just before the break he begins to have a stroke.

House asks what looks like TTP acts Like TTP but isn't TTP. Taub and Chase head to his apartment to find out what may have triggered any problems. Taub says, "Smartest man in the world and this is the best he can do," observing that the apartment isn't much to look at. Chase says, "Maybe he's doing what he loves. Delivering boxes was a childhood disease."

Then Taub notices research documentation. Chase notices an air vent with an empty liquor bottle in it. They realize that he lost his scientific career due to abuse.

Cuddy doesn't know whether House is trying to show that he has changed, or if he is messing with her. She then invites him to Thanksgiving dinner. Wilson says it's a 3 hour drive, and it might be a fake address. House checked it out and it seems to be legit.

The patient denies that he is an alcoholic. They ask why he is hiding bottles of vodka if he's not an alcoholic. His old lady starts in on him about his drinking habits. He says, "have you ever seen me drunk?" He says he has one shot a day. She says he drinks enough to ruin his liver, and he says nothing is wrong with his liver.

House goes to Thanksgiving dinner, and it turns out he has been had. Cuddy and Lucas are enjoying dinner while he finds out the owners of the house he has arrived at have gone to Hawaii for a week. She says she's supposed to offer him a turkey sandwich. He got got.

When Lucas gets home to his apartment, House is there. House tells him that he (Lucas) isn't right for Cuddy. Lucas asks what House is then. He says, "Less wrong."

House doesn't seem to even know if he has changed or not. He says he blew 832 chances with Cuddy. House says "I'm pathetic. I don't deserve her," then collapses over. He tells Lucas that he loves Cuddy.

The team discusses the case further but can't contact House. They are going forward on their own. They are sure something is wrong with her kidneys, but they don't know why.

Thirteen attempts to get Chase to reconcile with killing President Dibala. He says not everyone is the same. She says they are. They all just want the same things. He says he just wants to be left alone.

Cuddy asks House why Lucas left her. What did House say to him. He says he didn't know. He was drunk. She says she felt bad about duping him, but he sunk to her lowest expectations and lower. She says, "there is no us."

House gloats to Wilson about Lucas and Cuddy breaking up. He says the whole telling your personal emotions because your drunk trick is the oldest trick in the book. Wilson says House is taking credit for Lucas being stupid, which strikes House to his weekly epiphany.

House figures out that the patient is abusing Dextromethorphan, because he's stupid. "DXM is a dumb drug," House explains. It's mixed with vodka to get a cheap high. But that is what is causing his problem He admits to long term abuse of DXM. The patient doesn't want to live without it. House says, "You'd be surprised what you can live without."

The patient is improving. In fact, he's figuring out some nuclear scientist type problem on a sketch pad. He tells Foreman that he's 91 points more intelligent than his wife. He wants to be on the same level as her intellectually. But when he's not stoned, he doesn't respect her lack of intelligence.

Foreman is talking to the wife. She says he hates her. Formeman attempts to comfort her by saying he's just going through withdrawal. Then we see that he can't feel his legs for some reason.

Taub is arguing with his wife. She doesn't like the fact that he is not the boss. He's at the bottom of the totem pole, and he was even on duty for Thanksgiving like an intern. Then his beeper goes off. When House says jump, Taub jumps.

House yells at Chase to come up with an idea. He says all the others are at least trying to contribute something. He says if Chase doesn't get off his ass and do something he will call his "ex smarter half. " Chase stands up, turns to House and punches him straight in the face. House drops straight to the floor.

Cuddy asks if House is going to press charges. House asks, "the ottoman I tripped over." He says the witnesses are experiencing mass hysteria. He tells the patient that he was mowing the lawn when the phone rang. The patient says it's lonely to be a genius. He asks House if he ever tried to kill himself.

He tried once, and broke a lot of bones. They put him on narcotics and he was happy and dumb. before he was smart and miserable. House asks which ribs he broke in his suicide attempt.

He damaged his spleen and it broke into pieces tainting his bloodstream. So, it actually was TTP after all, they just didn't know why. House and Chase talk. Chase punched House so everyone would leave him alone. He thinks it worked.

The patient is planning on going back to tripping on DMX. It's worked for 12 years. House says "Tell your brain I said goodbye."

Taub takes a picture of House and tells his wife he laid down the law. Suddenly she is all over him. She thinks he stood up for himself, but he didn't.

House and Cuddy have more awkward moment, where he offers her tickets, but she refuses. He tells Wilson she and Lucas never split up. He says she turned down the tickets because she lied about them breaking up. She tells Lucas that House knows she lied. Lucas says "Maybe House isn't so bad after all." She says, "That would be nice, wouldn't it."

Monday, November 16, 2009

House MD Season 6 Episode 8 Recap


Dr. House is back! He's a real doctor again and leading the team. Well, that is to say, he's a real doctor on a fictional TV show, but he's no longer simply in the role of consultant pending a probationary period. He has his medical license back.

He needs to figure out who his team members are going to be, and you know that the producers of the show want to lead us to believe that he's getting the band back together and returning to the original cast.

Oh yeah, right, there is a patient. A porn star with pain in his eye, but so far it seems to be more of a backstory than the focus of the plot.

The patient is goading Chase to admit that he has desires to be with women other than his wife, but Chase insists that he likes the fact that his wife is the only one he is intimate with.

House goes to see Taub, who now does plastic surgery. House degrades Taub's new profession, and as he begins to defend the fact that he really helps people, he offers a possible solution the what is wrong with the patient. House says it felt good to do that, didn't it?

House attempts to apologize to Chase. He says "I was wrrrrrrrr. wrrrrr." And Chase asks what he was wrong about. Even when he apologizes, he doesn't really.

Chase asks Cameron why she forgave him. She says that the difference between her and the patient is that he feels guilt. So, he knows he did something wrong, whereas the patient doesn't think there's anything to feel guilty about. They can work through their problems because he knows that he should do better.

House tells Chase that Cameron blames him (house) for killing Dibala. She doesn't think Chase has anything to feel guilty about.

Now House is attempting to get Thirteen on the team. He says "On my team you get to screw with Foreman. Every way but literally." She says he is going around acting like everyone will want the job even though they don't.

The patient is informed by Cameron that no one in his profession will be able to receive an organ donation. He gets angry that she is "Medically advising him to change jobs." He says he wants people to stop telling him how to live his life.

Whoa. I missed something. Foreman said something is completely filled with worms. The patient has worms? Damn, I missed the beginning of the sentence. I think they said his LIVER was filled with worms.

Chase says take these two pills and you'll be fine. Go back to your lives.

The patient starts puking up foam. He apparently has something wrong with him other than worms in his liver. They are going to treat him for lymphoma.

Cameron snaps at House. Chase says she blames House for Dibala. Chase says he's either a murderer or a guy that stopped a mass murderer, but he did it. He killed Dibala. She needs to accept the fact that his responsibility is his. He says he would do it again too. She says simply, "Okay."

House suggests nuking the patient's bone marrow. They say that is too risky. House says they may as well just let the patient die while they're treating him. Then he says "Is it okay if I inform the other team members now" and faxes the details to Thirteen and Taub. House leaves and Cuddy says that the patient wants alternative. House says so does he.

Chase says he wants to be on the team. House says "Four candidates, three spots. I have a tough decision to make."

Taub and Thirteen get the faxes and conference call with House. Apparently they are becoming interested in joining the team. In fact, Taub show up and says he wants to be on the team. House says that's good news for his wife. He'll let him know.

Chase tells Cameron that he told House he want to be on the team. Cameron goes to House and tells him that she was in love with him. She thought she could heal him. Then she says he almost killed the patient. He knew the correct diagnosis and dangled it out there to bait Thirteen and Taub.

She says He killed Dibala. He played God. He ruined Chase. She says he'll ruin Taub and Thirteen like he ruined Chase. House says, "he killed a patient and you're breaking up with me." Cameron says Chase doesn't know right from wrong anymore. She starts crying and says "There's no way back for either of you." She kisses him on the cheek.

He tells Wilson they all came back except for Cameron. Wilson says you were right. Good for you. He says she's leaving Chase and the Hospital.

Cameron is crying and has a suitcase packed. She is leaving Chase.

Monday, November 9, 2009

House MD Season 6 Episode 7 Recap

Known Unknowns

The show begins with a pair of teenage girls waiting to get into a concert. The one gets bold and charges to the front of the line to declare that she is the DJ's assistant. Her friend is blocked by the bouncer, but just then a band member declares that they are with him.

Then it cuts to the girls describing their evening and all it's sordid details to their friends. Then one girl, apparently named Jordan, swells up like a blowfish and collapses.

House has more marital issues with Wilson. He's not holding up his end of the bargain with attending therapy or something. From the start, House insists that the patient has Rhabdo. The team suggests several alternatives to which House replies, "It can't be any of them, because it's rhabdo."

House runs a test where Jordan tries to play air drums to Metallica. House then says that she lied about being with the band all night. It turns out he was right. They just followed a band member around, stalking him.

Foreman suggests that the girl may be bulimic.

House is trying to sneak around towards wooing Cuddy. Wilson tells him to just ask her out. He says She's not some floozy off the street. "She's the floozy I work for." Then he says you have to work your way in gradually. Wilson says, "like a frog boiling in water" and house says "exactly."

Jordan crashes.

House pretends to be a "Dr. Perlmutter" in order to attend the 80's party Cuddy is attending.

Jordan's friend wants Jordan to tell Foreman all about the night they were out together. She says that she is really sick and she needs to stop lying.

Foreman says that bleeding in her brain makes her lying something she can't control.

House is dressed like Amadeus while Safety Dance plays over the PA. House dances with Cuddy ot Cyndi Lauper's version of Time after Time. They reminisce about first meeting each other. House didn't call Cuddy back because he had been kicked out of Med school.

House says that he and Cuddy have moved on to a new phase where he tells her that he has always been interested in her and she walks out of the room. House questions Wilson about an attempt to give a patient Euthanasia.

The team continues to try and find out what Jordan did the night before she collapsed. They watch video surveillance of her.

Wilson tells House that doctors are rarely indicted for euthanasia. House says he'll be unhirable. Wilson says that if there's one thing House taught him it's to do what is right and don't worry what other's think.

Cameron and Chase confront a man (Keener, the comic book writer) about the fact that they know he was with Jordan that night. He won't admit it because he's married and she's underage.

Wilson talks to Cuddy about how House is in love with her, and she tells him that she needs someone reliable, and that isn't him.

Chase says that Cameron is angry with him and she's taking it out on Keener and she's going to kill the patient in the process.

House tells Wilson to have a soda with him to toast his pending unemployment. Wilson says Cuddy will remain just friends until House becomes more reliable. Wilson starts getting loopy and realizes that House drugged him. He says Cuddy is better off without him.

The patient is asked about the night with Keener. She says she went to his room and he gave her something that he said was Extacy but it didn't seem like it was. It just made her tired. She says she feels like she let her parents down. The dad says he's going to kill him, but Foreman says the brain scan indicates that she's lying.

House goes to see Cuddy and finds Lucas, the PI House used to hire, there with her and the baby. He says this is awkward, but would probably be less awkward if he left.

Wilson wakes in a fog. They are calling for House because the patient is bleeding out faster than they can transfuse blood. Wilson is late for giving a speech, and House gives it for him. Haha. He gave the speech as Dr. Perlmutter.

Wilson is angry. During their argument, House thinks of something. He calls the team. He says it's the blood that's killing her. He says she has Vibrio Vulnificus or something. He says Hemacromatosis was in a blood transfusion.

"That night" Jordan didn't even have the courage to knock on Keener's door. The truth comes out.

Wilson finally changes his mind about House. He says he's a good friend. House says tell her I drugged you to keep you from confessing to murder. Chase and Cameron have a talk and make up. She doesn't know that what he is hiding is that he killed President Dibala. It's not an affair.

Chase begins to tell her about President Dibala. He says they didn't actually lose him. "I killed him." She's stunned and the episode ends.

Monday, October 19, 2009

House MD Season 6 Episode 6 Recap

Brave Heart

Where did House go? As this episode of House begins, the Angels and the Yankees are in extra innings. Someone put baseball where my House is supposed to be. I hope the show is not joined "in progress" due to the delay.

My favorite medical/drama/comedy/mystery is being preempted by one of the dullest "sports" ever invented.

Still no one winning yet. Going to the 11th.

It's now 8:37 pm and it seems that one of the teams has finally won. It appears to be the Angels. Yes, Angels win. Do we get to watch House yet?

Note: obviously none of this applies in subsequent runs of this episode.

As the episode FINALLY opens, some cops are chasing some bad guys through a loading dock/warehouse district. The one bad guy is cornered, but has some mad ninja skillz and climbs up the building to get away. Then he plummets off the building and is out on the ground with blood coming out of his mouth.

Were they filming something?

It seems the ninja guy and one of the other guys, and the ninja guy seems to think he's fearless. His whole family died at 40 of heart disease. So he assumes he will die soon too.

House and Wilson are having marital problems.

House says that the patient is not even a patient because he has nothing wrong with him other than what is in his head, but the rest of the team is insisting on giving a full battery of tests.

Cuddy wants to discuss House's employment status. He is going to have to do 120 hours of rounds. House says that Cuddy doesn't NEED to make him do stupid work, she only needs to approve his return, but whether he is right or not, Cuddy is making him do rounds.

Chase and Foreman discuss the Dibala case where Chase had killed James Earl Jones by deliberately creating a misdiagnosis. He seems to have a bit of the buyers remorse.

The patient apparently has a son, and the son;s mother is also requesting a full genetic workup, so she can know what sort of risks her son could be facing in his future.

House is sleepless. He goes and wakes Wilson. Then turns back around and goes back to bed, but still can't sleep.


Cameron encourages the woman to let the patient know about his son.

House is doing rounds and activates the alarm, sending students into a panic. He gets called on it. House says, "There's urine everywhere. The great thing about teacher student relationship is the teacher can often learn from the student."

She tells teh patient about his son. He doesn't want to meet his son, but is forced into a meeting anyway. He says his name is Michael, and asks if he will get together when he is better. The patient says no. His dad died when he was his age and it was too painful. He's being a jerk, but he thinks he is sparing his son the pain he experienced.

House thinks he can convince the patient that nothing is wrong with him. He goes in to see the patient and tells him he has "Ortolli syndrome," and Chase says it's a rare disease that affects the adrenal gland, and House says, just skip the mumbo jumbo and get the cure. He is going to get a placebo no doubt. House says take them twice a day for a week and have a long healthy life.

Foreman shows up to House and Wilson's apartment. House asks if he was talking, and he says "no." then he tells House that the patient is dead.

He was dead in the laundry room. House is in disbelief that he missed something. Foreman says there were no symptoms presenting. House asks what is the official cause of death. There has been no autopsy yet.

Cameron asks Chase about how he is doing. She gave him space in the wake of the Dibala thing, but she is worried about him. He has been a bit distant since thin.

Donny Compson age 39, Foreman says, as the autopsy begins. House wants to look at his heart, as he says with the bonesaw out. Foreman takes it from him and informs House that you can't perform an autopsy without a medical license.

As Foreman cuts in, he notices that Donny is bleeding, then Donny pops up and screams. House quips that "the autopsy is going to have to wait."

House suggests that they assume they're not idiots who spent days looking at his heart and failing to notice anything was wrong. Cameron asks what he remembers and he says he was doing the laundry, and his jaw hurts. The only other thing he "knows" is that he is going to die soon.

House asks a doctor why he might be hearing whispering. Cuddy needs to oversee House, but House says that is not necessary because he is not ready to be a doctor yet. Wilson comes home, and House is asleep on the couch. He is acting as if the voices are due to lack of sleep.

Donny complains about pain in his jaw and says something about his tooth, but nurse says he is maxed out on pain meds. He then extracts his own tooth. OUCH!

There was nothing wrong with the tooth the patient extracted. The team, sans House is trying to decide what is wrong with the patient, aside from psychosis.

House is lumbering around the apartment, trying to find the source of the voices he is hearing. He discovers Wilson speaking softly, perhaps to his dead girlfriend, Amber. He says House is having problem.

House tells Wilson he's hearing voices. He says he is going to check back into Mayfield. Wilson says "Okay." House says "Okay?" Wilson says "you're the smartest guy I know, if you can't think of it, it doesn't exist." Wilson knows that House overheard him talking to Amber. He says he misses her, and talking to her makes him feel better, talking to house doesn't.

House says where there's pain, there's nerves. He says, Hereditary sensory autonomic neuropathy. House then demands Chase get some help and do his damn job, regardless of Dibala. Chase asks if the patient ever killed anyone. He says he had partners that did. One took it to be like taking out the trash, like it was nothing. The other drank himself into oblivion. Chase asks if he got help. Yes, the patient said. "Help didn't help."

Then the patient yells out and says he just went to the bathroom.

House says he "wouldn't want to be the duty nurse on his floor. Get it Doody nurse." They still don't know what is wrong with Donny.

Chase goes to confession. The priest asks how long it has been since his last confession. Chase says he killed a man. It was the right thing to do. Chase says what is sacred about the life of a ruthless dictator. The priest says he can't just do 10 hail mary's and be forgiven. He needs to take responsibility to get absolution. He has to tell the police. Chase doesn't want to, but the priest insists it is the only way.

Cuddy and House are having a conversation, then House just stops and realizes SOMETHING< but who knows what yet. House says the patient isn't going to die. He inherited a self destruct button, which gets bigger and bigger until it goes off. House says he's going to cut into his brain, and his son's brain to fix the problem. No sugar pills this time. House said, "the saving the kid from pain stuff was crap." He just wants to be a self absorbed jerk. "Sorry to screw it up."

Both of them are finished with their brain surgeries. Chase comes home drunk, and Cameron is worried. Chase says he needed to get drunk so he did. House sleeps with earplugs in. Is he still hearing voices? He says "Hi dad. think I've been focusing on the wrong thing. There were some good times." Then he says "Wilson! This is stupid!" Wilson says to Amber "You'll see. He's getting better."

Monday, October 5, 2009

House MD Season 6 Episode 4 Recap

Due to illness I was not able to post the recap of season 6 episode 1 &2 or season 6 episode 3 yet. I'll get on it as soon as I am capable. Now, let's get on with what happened on House tonight.

The Tyrant
As the episode opens, there are some weird characters led by James Earl Jones. He's the President of an African Nation. I think James Earl Jones went unconscious or something.

At the hospital, they are looking for a replacement for Thirteen, who has been fired. House is back, but doesn't actually have clearance to practice. Foreman asks if he has anything Medical to say. House advises to treat for dioxin poisoning.

Darth Vader/President Dibala asks Chase about where he went to school, and Chase tells about how he left the seminary. Jones says there priests weren't needed when his sister suffered consumption, implying a good career change for Chase.

Foreman re-extends the job back to Thirteen, who replies that she doesn't want the job. She doesn't seem to want anything else from Foreman either. A young patient warns Chase about what a bad man presumably Darth Vader is. He takes young boys off the street and teaches them to be killers. Chase says he cannot discuss other patients.

House chides Wilson about how he's trying to be a bit invisible in his own apartment. Wilson says the downstairs neighbor is on the condo board and complained about noise and the cooking smell.

House bursts in and says Lassa Fever. Foreman says that is ruled out, and so is dioxin. Vader has been in many different African nations. House again insists that he has met with dignitaries from Liberia where htere is Lassa Fever. Foreman says he will check on it.

Darth Vader asks if Foreman has a girlfriend. He asks if that is her there in the hallway. Thirteen is out in the hallway and Foreman goes to talk to her.

House goes to get under the skin of the downstairs neighbor. Then he even turns around and apologizes to the guy. He replies that he doesn't give a crap about apologies.

Darth Vader hands over a consent form that a young African woman will allow her blood to be used to cure him. Cameron wants to refuse, but the young woman insists that she wants to. Cameron tells Cuddy she is being coerced, but Cuddy says if that's what they want then that's the way it is.

The young African man bursts into Vader's room shooting and begins beating him. Chase is running after him yelling not to let him in there. You see some sort of automatic rifle that seems to have been dropped in the process. Chase pulls him off and notices that Darth Vader's eye is blood red. He has not been shot.

Chase tells the young man he needs a lawyer. He says that given the circumstances with his wife, he may get a lighter sentence. The man tells him that she is not his wife. He says Vader will kill all the Sitabi.

Vaders eye is the result of an enlarged lymph node. Chase suggests Sarcoidosis, and House holds up an xray. He won't actually speak. Then an infection is suggested bu Foreman, but his fever is not high enough. They check for Lymphoma. House says to close the blinds and when the blinds are closed they say "Lymphoma. Tada."

House did some snooping on the downstairs neighbor. He is too young to be a VietNam vet, and he isn't registered with the VA. Wilson says it's easy to be nice to people you like, but being nice to people you hate... That's a skill."

Vader thanks Chase for saving his life. He says he is fighting a guerrilla war. Chase says it's genocide. Jones says he is trying to prevent genocide and impose order. He admits that he "Hired men that stepped over the line and there were abuses, but that will not happen again."

House is doing more snooping about in the apartment. He knocks over a bucket of water, then sees a Canadian flag. Hmm. Canadian?

Chase and Cameron discuss the morals of the case a bit. Cameron says she isn't trying to kill the patient but the world would be a better place if he didn't happen to make it. They seem to rule out Lymphoma.

House confronts the neighbor and tells him that he saw the Canadian flag. He says "you broke into my apartment?" house accuses the man that he is faking about being in Vietnam war hero. House says Canadians didn't go there. The man snaps at him about how he saved a boy and to this day he still feels pain in his missing hand where he held the boy, so no, he is not faking. House says, "on a related note, Go Maple Leafs."

Darth Vader asks about the biopsy results. He asks if it is Lymphoma. Chase says it is not Lymphoma. Vader aks the same 2 questions again.

Foreman is out to dinner with Thirteen. She says that he could have stepped down from his position. He says then they both would have lost their jobs. He says he made the right decision and she walks out.

Now house says it's scleredoma. No clever way of telling them. He says the patient is dying and there's no time for games anymore.House says he'll get Cuddy. Foreman says for right now it is his department and for now they are treating him for Blasto.

Darth Vader does not trust Cameron. He says it is easier to send someone to kill that it is to do it yourself. He says she is too weak to act on her beliefs. He knows she doesn't like him, but she won't kill him. Chase says that is because she is better than him.

Chase pushes Darth Vader about what he is willing to do. He says not to ask questions he doesn't really want the answers to. He says he saved his life, he deserves to know. Darth Vader says with a dead stare and intensity, "Whatever it takes to protect my country."

Wilson yells at House, "You broke into his apartment!" He says that the neighbor was going to press charges, but Wilson is kicking him out instead. He says it's serious. House could go to jail and he knows that it's the right thing to do.

Cameron says that she needs to pick a side and do the right thing, so she's going to do everything she can to keep the patient alive. She asks Foreman if he said he was wrong to fire Thirteen. She says he is reasonable enough to admit when he is wrong.

House Injects the neighbor with something that knocks him out, and when he wakes up he's all duct taped up. House says "first of all, my bad." House sticks his hand in his stump in a box with a mirror. He says to clench both fists at the same time. He says "Pray this is going to work. Ready, now let go." When the man lets go, he realizes the pain in his arm is gone. Then he thanks House.

All the alarms are going off for the patient. Darth Vader is having internal bleeding, the alarms are going crazy. They are giving him the paddles over and over again, but to no avail. Things slow down into slow motion, but he has died. Darth Vader is dead.

Foreman wants to know what happened, and House tells him that either he didn't have enough confidence in his diagnosis, or he had too much. Then Foreman confronts Chase about why he was in the morgue. There was a patient with sclerodoma in the morgue. He asks if Chase switched the blood to ruin the diagnosis and make them treat him for the wrong disease.

Chase says it was bigger than the one patient. Darth Vader would kill so many people that it would make all the work they do saving lives meaningless. Everything they do is for nothing if they save the life of a genocidal maniac. Foreman asks if Chase thought he could do something like that with no consequences to himself. Chase solemnly replies, "No." Chase kills James Earl Jones and he knew what he was getting into and was willing to accept it.

Wilson says he talked to the veteran neighbor and he seemed... "Happy." He isn't going to press charges, even if House doesn't move out. He asks House what he did, and House asks if he really wants to know. Wilson says he'll just give him the benefit of the doubt.

During the closing, there are some somber moments, and Foreman seems to be burning the record that shows Chase switched the blood sample.

Chase Kills Patient on House

Monday, May 11, 2009

House MD Season 5 Finale Season 5 Episode 24 Recap

Both Sides Now

A patient has a bizarre affliction where the right side of his brain and the left side of his brain are at war with each other.

House tells Wilson that he slept with Cuddy, after which she informed him he was just an employee. They were both stone cold sober, he says. Sounds like Cuddy may have the buyers remorse. Wilson says to talk to her about it.

House didn't talk to her, and demands that Wilson is not to talk to her. Wilson tells him to "for once in your life, be an adult." House needs to confront Cuddy.

The patient is being shown words on a screen and stating what the words are. The word "candle" comes up, and he says that he doesn't see the word on the screen, but then he draws a candle. House notices the patient scratching himself, and tells the patient that his liver is failing.

Cuddy asks Wilson if there was something he wanted to say to her about house. Wilson says there's nothing to talk about. House asks Cuddy for permission to do a liver biopsy and tries to get her mad. He refuses to do clinic hours, but she observes that she is still not angry.

House says that he found oxytocin in her coffee cup. This makes you all lovey dovey. Wilson says he would have to have a baseline to compare it to. House says he took a water bottle before.

A clinic patient comes to see House. He says he squawks. Like a parrot. He tries to mimic the sound, but comes off as a looney. House escorts him out.

13 and Taub are doing some tests on the patient while he plays air guitar. They rule out sarcoidosis. House suggests pancreatic cancer and tells them to test his pancreas.

The clinic patient brings Cuddy a stool sample and says that Dr House said to bring over a sample right away. He bursts in saying "Here's my poo." He asks if there is a clinical name, to which Cuddy says it's called a stool sample.

The patient wants to leave. House tells Cameron she needs to destroy Chase's sperm. House tells Wilson they need him to do relationship counseling with the patient. House says right brain left brain is the breakfast of relationships. It's the most important part.

House continues to shut out the clinic patient and hangs up on him. He insists the brain patient has pancreatic cancer and pushes to treat him for it. Cameron tells Chase that she really does want to marry him, right while he is in the middle of surgery.

Wilson asks House if he really wants Cuddy, or if it is just another challenge for him. He says he is all for House and Cuddy being together but he needs to take it seriously, or they will both get hurt.

House says they weren't looking at the right time. He has arrhythmia, but it's intermittent. They just weren't looking at the right time, such as right now. The patient is in trouble, and House correctly identifies the problem, saving the patient's life. He declares "I did it again."

House asks what makes a 20 something healthy persons hears send out clots like it's bombing Dresden. The patient's girlfriend says he hit her. She says that his left hand sometimes throws things, but it never seemed anything but playful, but when he hit her, it didn't seem that way. They ask him how often he uses deodorant. He says a couple of times a day.

Wilson asks House if he wants to be the man with the answers or the man with Cuddy. He says what do I do? Wilson says, "you make her angry." He says he means for real, not teh half assed attempts that House has been making. He says, "Now go terrorize her."

Cameron never canceled any of the wedding plans with Chase.

House tells the entire hospital that he slept with Lisa Cuddy. He announces it to everyone from a balcony on the second floor. Cuddy runs out and looks up at him as the show cuts to commercial. So did it work? Did he get her angry?

She goes ballistic. She says, congratulations House, I am angry. He says he was wondering when they could move in together. She says he's fired.

He tells the clinic patient that his squawking was caused by acid reflux. Then he asks him why he is adjusting his belt. He says the patient has pancreatic cancer. It can cause acid reflux.

Cuddy tells House that they not only don't have a personal relationship. They never could. She was pissed off when he told her he quit and she initially refused. He said to go suckle the bastard child. He says, that's not what happened. "I told you I needed you." She asks if he's okay. He drops a bottle of Vicodin. She asks if he's okay again. TThen everything flashes between scenes. He in the office with her, in the bathroom detoxing, having sex with her in his him, over and over again looking at a lipstick and a bottle of vicodin.

He ppours a bottle of vicodin in his hand and takes some. Then we see him again with Amber. She says, "so, this is the story you made up about who you are." Kutner says, "too bad it isn't true." House says, "No. I'm not okay."

House goes to see Wilson. It cuts from that to Cameron and Chase getting married. At teh same time they exchange rings, House hands off some personal items to Wilson. Is he going to rehab? Where is House going? What is he doing?

Then we see that where is going. It's the Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital.

That's it folks. Season 5 of House MD is all wrapped up with more questions than ever. How much is real? How much is a delusion? We won't know until next season.

Monday, May 4, 2009

House MD Season 5 Episode 23 Recap

Under My Skin

A ballerina suffers a lung collapse while she is performing onstage. The medicine House gives her causes her skin to fall off.

Meanwhile, House is trying to figure out why he is having hallucinations of Amber. He argues with Wilson over the cause, and Wilson continues to believe that teh problem is too much Vicodin. House wants to undergo electroshock therapy. Wilson says he would rather risk death or worse than go to rehab.

House asks what's worse than death. Double Death? Wilson says losing the only thing that matters, His rational mind. The team stops the heart of the patient to scan it. As this is happening, House calls Wilson and suggests Insulin shock. Wilson argues for a minute and says he'll be there in five minutes. House says, make it two minutes because I'm about to go into insulin shock.

We see House fading out as the team struggles to revive the patient. Just before reviving her, Foreman notices a shadow around the heart. House is fading out while looking at Amber start to blur. We see the patient come back around as Wilson arrives to rescue House and yells for Insulin.

In the next scene, House is trying to figure out what is wrong with the patient, and Amber is there again. His plan to fix himself did not work. He suggests that gonorrhea made it's way to her heart.

Wilson is taking House to some sort of facility around Philadelphia. Amber is still there, while Foreman reports in on how poorly the patient is doing. Wilson says she's okay, and Amber says he's lying. Amber asks House if he really wants to be Amber free again.

House confronts Cuddy. She offers to help him by admitting him anonymously. Amber warns him against what he is doing. He tells Cuddy that he needs her. She says she'll call a babysitter.

The patient is having heart surgery while House and Cuddy are trying to help him detox. She asks where else he would have a stash hidden. Amber keeps imploring him not to come clean. He tells Cuddy about more hiding places. He's having fits and Cuddy offers to hold his hand.

The patient comes back around and Chase informs her that her hands and feet will need to be amputated. The tissue can't be saved. It sounds a lot like what House didn't want to do that screwed up his leg.

Taub says it would be a shame if she died because House has some personal crap to deal through, and Chase points out that it would be a shame if she died because House had some personal crap to work through AND they weren't smart enough to figure it out without him.

Amber continues to egg him on. She taunts him that if he takes the pill he doesn't deserve Cuddy and if he secretly takes the pill, he doesn't deserve anyone. Cuddy rushes back in and flushes the pill just in time.

The team is doing something to the patient and it seems to be revitalizing the vessels in her hands and feet. I assume she's going to be okay.

House says that Cuddy is lying about him getting better and getting back to work. He's her hospital's biggest asset. She says she hasn't lied to him in 20 years. He says that means you lied about something 20 years ago. She tells him that she audited his class and thought he was an interesting lunatic. I guess the point is supposed to be that she like HIM, and that what she does she does for him. House observes that they are alone.

Cameron expresses doubts about being with Chase and so I suppose the wedding is off. Cuddy says goodbye to House and he says Thank you. Then she says, "You want to kiss me, don't you?" He replies, "I always want to kiss you." House and Cuddy kiss, and then they go at it like rabid badgers.

Next week, the supposedly shocking season 5 finale. Cuddy tells House that everyone close to him winds up getting hurt.

Monday, April 27, 2009

House MD Season 5 Episode 22 Recap

House Divided

As tonights episode of House MD opens, we see a 14 year old deaf wrestler getting ready for a wrestling match. As the match continues, the wrestler is crippled by the sound of loud explosions in his ears. He falls to the mat, grabbing his ears and screaming in agony.

We then see House talking to Amber, who is dead. The alarm goes off and she tells him it's time to wake up. This makes it seem like he was only having a dream. House has been taking sleeping pills and it turns out he sees Amber even when he is wide awake. House is hallucinating, which calls into question just how much of what is going on can be trusted by the viewer.

The wrestler has been deaf since the age of 4 as a complication of meningitis. House suggests that he had a seizure, and orders testing for seizures. Meanwhile, Wilson and Cameron are acting a little strange. Amber asks House why Wilson closed a file folder when he showed up, and why is Wilson so eager to just write House a prescription and be rid of him. It turns out they are planning a bachelor party for Chase.

While Thirteen and Foreman are testing the patient, he loses vision. While talking with Amber, she suggests that House play some music for the patient. Then we see House all pimped out with a boombox blasting Public Enemy's "Fight the Power." Based on the patient's response, House says there is yet another new symptom: Neuropathy.

Foreman suggests that their could be raised ICP levels causing the symptoms. First House shoots his idea down, but when Amber says he is right, House says Foreman is right. Maybe his deafness was not a complication of Meningitis, but a result of MF2 cancer.

Taub explains to the patient that MF2 cancer is a slow progressing cancer, and entirely treatable, but it would cure the deafness. Here's the ethical dilemma. The patient wants to stay deaf. Although tests show slightly elevated ICP levels, there seems to be no indication of cancer.

Meanwhile, Hadley wants in on the bachelor party. House says no. It's for men only. She says if she gets drunk enough she may make out with the stripper, or become one. "Sold!" House/Amber proclaims.

House shows Wilson some scans to compare. 3 year ago vs today. What's different. Wilson says the bending of the ventricle was not there 3 years ago, which does indeed indicate MF2. But they're going to need a brain biopsy.

As Chase prepares to do the biopsy, House discusses a stripper named Karmel with Amber. Then He argues with Chase over giving the patient cochlear implants during the biopsy. After surgery, we see the patient hearing all sorts of noises. His mother is angry and demands the implants be removed. House observes via Amber that the mother does not seem genuinely angry and tells her that she actually wants her son to hear again.

Cuddy argues the ethics of stripping the patient of his deafness and house says that the patient is opting to be handicapped, and the mother is an idiot. House is no longer in charge, Foreman is. Foreman orders tests for Eppstein_Barr.

The Patient wants the implants removed, but his mom would like him to keep them. She says his name, and he asks is that his name? Seth. They hug, and he just bursts forth with great volumes of pee as Taub enters the room.

Next we see House with Hadley, Foreman, Taub, and Amber. They are trying ice cream that turns out to be alcoholic ice cream. Then suddenly, everyone but House and Amber go gray. House asks what just happened. Meanwhile the deaf boy is telling his girlfriend he doesn't want to hear, but she says it's wonderful that he can hear now.

Foreman and House continue to argue over who is in charge, and House says Cuddy doesn't really want you in charge. She just wants to avoid a lawsuit. Then we see that the patient has ripped out his implants. Amber says "we just saved his life." Arrhythmia, house says. Another new symptom.

We see the team gathered, but Amber holds up a lighter. House clears the team of the room. Then we see him practicing setting liquor on fire for the bachelor party. He winds up setting the lab on fire, including a body for autopsy. Amber asks what all the new symptoms have in common, and House says it's heat.

Now, at the bachelor party, House is doing his trick of lighting the drinks on fire. Wilson comes in and yells "House! This is my apartment." House got Wilson to attend after all by hosting it at Wilsons.

While House and Amber sit in the bathtub thinking about the case, Chase goes to do a body shot off of Karmel, the stripper. He licks her and goes into anaphylactic shock from her strawberry body butter. House wonders why, if Amber is just a part of his own brain, would Amber suggest to use Karmel, knowing that she uses strawberry body butter, and knowing that Chase is allergic to strawberries. He doesn't want Cameron, but Amber says he's not a big fan of other people's happiness either.

House gets a call that the patient is getting worse. He has lung failure and does not have MS. They were wrong, but the team is all drunk. Cuddy calls him and says that she needs him to show up because no one is sober. He tells her "Goodnight."

The drunken doctors attend to the patient anyway. There are tobacco stains on his teeth, and that may explain. He used to chew tobacco, and now he doesn't. It's Sarcoidosis.

Cuddy tells House that the team solved the case without him. He says that's good. She asks what is going on. He says that he hasn't slept since Kutner killed himself.

House goes to bed. When he wakes up, he looks in the mirror and smiles, No Amber, but then as he turns around, there she is. House is still hallucinating from his insomnia, and we will have his alter ego characterization of Amber for at least one more episode.

Next week, Do House and Cuddy Kiss?

Monday, April 13, 2009

House MD Season 5 Episode 21 Recap


What happened on House tonight?

At the beginning of the episode tonight, we see two eco-nuts chained to a large piece of equipment during a protest of what seems to be a mining operation of some sort. The workers confront dirty hippy chick and dirty hippy dude. Workers complain that the hippies should just let them do their job. The hippies utter something incoherent about a phony impending ecological disaster, just like all the other fake hysterias they have "warned" us about for the last 4 decades or so.

Unwashed hippy chick passes out from the power of her own stink, and the guy finally unlocks himself to make sure that she's okay. As he gets up, the LSD kicks in and things start to send him on a bad trip. He, of course, winds up as the next case that House will tackle.

In the wake of Kutner's suicide, Cameron calls off a vacation that she was supposed to take with Chase. She discovered that he had purchased a ring, and got all freaked out that he is going to propose to her. Especially that she thinks Kutner's suicide may have something to do with driving him to want to marry her, and she doesn't want that to be a factor that influences his decision.

House uncovers that Wilson is eating healthy, and tries to figure out what is going on. He snoops around in Wilson's apartment, looking to solve the mystery. When Wilson comes in, he asks if Wilson is eating healthy because Kutner's dead. Wilson replies that yes, he's eating healthier because if he doesn't watch what he eats, he might accidentally kill himself. House observes that mortality is mortality, and Wilson may be considering his own mortality. Wilson points out that he has plenty of junk food around. House says showing him food he hasn't eaten doesn't mean anything. Wilson replies, "If you're looking for evidence of what I have eaten, first door on the right."

Chase can't figure out what is going on with Cameron, and asks Cuddy if Cameron is in love with House. She stalls, and he asks if she (Cuddy) is in love with House. She stalls again, and Chase says, "two questions. No answers. I'll extrapolate from there."

Meanwhile, our eco nut friend continues to puzzle the team with an ever growing risk of impending death. Signs point towards it being cancer, but there is not any actual evidence of cancer. Taub suggests attempting to grow the tumor in response to House suggesting they irradiate the patient. House loves the idea, but can't understand why he didn't think of it himself. He tells Wilson he lost his mojo.

At a vending machine, Wilson buys some gummi bears. House says, "you hate gummy bears, but more importantly, I hate gummy bears." He finally realizes that wilson was merely eating food that House won't eat. "You're eating healthy because you know that I have no desire to eat healthy." Wilson comes clean that he was just messing with house, because that's what is normal for them. He tried to change things after Amber died, but that just didn't fit right. Messing with House fits. Of course, House finally gets an idea, thanks to Wilson's mental challenge.

He asks the patient about contact with flowers. There's no garden, they live in an apartment. No window box. No potted plants. Finally he turns to Taub and says "your marriage sucks." "Thanks," Taub replies. House goes on to say that the eco-nut loves a tree in Oregon more than his wife, so he must have bought her flowers at some point to make up for being a sucky husband. His wife isn't even aware of it, but he did. He bought her roses. The thorn of the rose gave him an infection and it's totally curable. Good news for him. Bad for the wife.

After being dumped by Chase, Cameron talks to House and he tells her that is just what she wanted. She says she didn't want to dump him. He says, you wanted him to dump you. There's much less guilt that way. So, she goes back to Chase and explains her situation to him. He bends down on his knee, and she smiles with joy.

At the end, House is playing piano, and Amber show up and starts talking to him. Next week, House continues to hallucinate. Were the people right that believe this to be a dream sequence. Things got fuzzy at the end of the episode two weeks ago. Is this real, or a dream? Or is House really hallucinating?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Kutner's Dead House MD Season 5 Episode 20 Recap

Simple Explanations

Watch and download this episode of House MD

In a shocking episode, Dr. Lawrence Kutner, played by actor Kal Penn is dead. Dr. House was curious why he did not show up to work, and sent Foreman and Thirteen (aka Dr. Hadley) to investigate. When they enter his apartment, they find him laying in a pool of blood. Suicide by self inflicted gunshot wound.

House takes this on as his main focal point of trying to solve the mystery of why Kutner would kill himself. There is a couple, an older man and woman. The man, played by Meatloaf, is having heart problems, and the woman fakes illness to be close with her husband.

As the episode unfolds, it turns out that the woman really does have something wrong with her, and She is bent on attempting to save her husband. The plot continues to revolve around the issue of suicide, from the woman trying to kill herself to save her husband and donate her heart, to her husband demanding to donate his kidney to save his wife, and of course, Kutner's suicide, which House simply cannot wrap his mind around.

House continues to focus more on solving the mystery of why Kutner would kill himself than on the mystery of what is wrong with the now mysteriously ill woman. House persuades Cameron to talk to Meatloaf and have him agree to donate his kidney to his dying wife. He will die on the table, but he only has a few days to live. He agrees, but then Cameron tells House that there are nodules on Meatloaf's fingers, and he may have a curable disease.

She's correct, and House tells him that he has a fungal infection and he's completely curable. He tells house that they'll be scraping up his remains to give a kidney to his wife. His plans are foiled when Taub tells the woman that her husband has a curable disease, but he wants to donate his kidney, if that's okay with her.

Meanwhile, House has decided that there is no plausible reason for Kutner to commit suicide, so it must have been murder. Now he is investigating the "murder" of Lawrence Kutner. Wilson is appalled, and tells House that all he cares about is the mystery of it all. He is not there because he cares about Kutner. He only cares to solve the puzzle. He says that's all it is to House, is a mystery to be solved. That's all anything ever is.

The woman is getting worse, and it finally occurs to House that if she is sick, and they can't figure out what is wrong, then all the clues must not be there. Everybody lies, so she lied about something. He bursts in and asks why she would think the beaches of Rio are the same as the beaches of Hawaii. It turns out, she was bitten by some sort of fly. She comes clean and tells her husband that she just got tired of waiting for him to come so they can have their dream vacation in Rio, and she went with someone else.

It's too late, however. She was not diagnosed in time.

House continues looking through Kutners apartment, while everyone else attends the funeral. Taub, staying behind at the hospital, finally breaks down and cries.

At the end, Fox asks viewers to go to At the new mockup site, there is a tribute to Dr. Kutner. This makes it seem as if Kal Penn, the actor, is perhaps not living anymore, but at this point I have seen no evidence of such. Please do let me know if this is incorrect.

At the site, there is also an obituary. Here's an excerpt.

Mercer County Courier
April 7, 2009

Dr. Lawrence Kutner died on Thursday, April 2nd from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was 33 years old.

"Dr. Kutner was a hard working, young doctor with a kind, unassuming, gentle manner. He will be missed by all of us", said Dr. Lisa Cuddy, Dean of Medicine at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, where Dr. Kutner worked.

Dr. Kutner was born in Freemont, California. Tragedy marred his early life as he lost his parents, Karamchand and Niki Baidwan, who were shot during an armed robbery. After a couple of years in foster care, Julia and Richard Kutner adopted Lawrence. He showed great promise in high school, winning a Westinghouse Science award for an experiment involving dark matter. His adoptive parents mused that he showed a freethinking, inventive streak from a young age.

Viewers are asked to leave their message for Dr. Kutner. It looks to me like this is an attempt at viral marketing. However, I'm not sure, in spite of the shocking nature of Kutner's demise, that he is an important enough character on the show to really go viral with this. It sort of reminds me of the question on the Simpsons about what important characters have died. Although several characters had died throughout the show, the correct answer was that no important characters had ever died.

Related: Amber Dies: What happened to Wilson's girlfriend?

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