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Monday, October 19, 2009

House MD Season 6 Episode 6 Recap

Brave Heart

Where did House go? As this episode of House begins, the Angels and the Yankees are in extra innings. Someone put baseball where my House is supposed to be. I hope the show is not joined "in progress" due to the delay.

My favorite medical/drama/comedy/mystery is being preempted by one of the dullest "sports" ever invented.

Still no one winning yet. Going to the 11th.

It's now 8:37 pm and it seems that one of the teams has finally won. It appears to be the Angels. Yes, Angels win. Do we get to watch House yet?

Note: obviously none of this applies in subsequent runs of this episode.

As the episode FINALLY opens, some cops are chasing some bad guys through a loading dock/warehouse district. The one bad guy is cornered, but has some mad ninja skillz and climbs up the building to get away. Then he plummets off the building and is out on the ground with blood coming out of his mouth.

Were they filming something?

It seems the ninja guy and one of the other guys, and the ninja guy seems to think he's fearless. His whole family died at 40 of heart disease. So he assumes he will die soon too.

House and Wilson are having marital problems.

House says that the patient is not even a patient because he has nothing wrong with him other than what is in his head, but the rest of the team is insisting on giving a full battery of tests.

Cuddy wants to discuss House's employment status. He is going to have to do 120 hours of rounds. House says that Cuddy doesn't NEED to make him do stupid work, she only needs to approve his return, but whether he is right or not, Cuddy is making him do rounds.

Chase and Foreman discuss the Dibala case where Chase had killed James Earl Jones by deliberately creating a misdiagnosis. He seems to have a bit of the buyers remorse.

The patient apparently has a son, and the son;s mother is also requesting a full genetic workup, so she can know what sort of risks her son could be facing in his future.

House is sleepless. He goes and wakes Wilson. Then turns back around and goes back to bed, but still can't sleep.


Cameron encourages the woman to let the patient know about his son.

House is doing rounds and activates the alarm, sending students into a panic. He gets called on it. House says, "There's urine everywhere. The great thing about teacher student relationship is the teacher can often learn from the student."

She tells teh patient about his son. He doesn't want to meet his son, but is forced into a meeting anyway. He says his name is Michael, and asks if he will get together when he is better. The patient says no. His dad died when he was his age and it was too painful. He's being a jerk, but he thinks he is sparing his son the pain he experienced.

House thinks he can convince the patient that nothing is wrong with him. He goes in to see the patient and tells him he has "Ortolli syndrome," and Chase says it's a rare disease that affects the adrenal gland, and House says, just skip the mumbo jumbo and get the cure. He is going to get a placebo no doubt. House says take them twice a day for a week and have a long healthy life.

Foreman shows up to House and Wilson's apartment. House asks if he was talking, and he says "no." then he tells House that the patient is dead.

He was dead in the laundry room. House is in disbelief that he missed something. Foreman says there were no symptoms presenting. House asks what is the official cause of death. There has been no autopsy yet.

Cameron asks Chase about how he is doing. She gave him space in the wake of the Dibala thing, but she is worried about him. He has been a bit distant since thin.

Donny Compson age 39, Foreman says, as the autopsy begins. House wants to look at his heart, as he says with the bonesaw out. Foreman takes it from him and informs House that you can't perform an autopsy without a medical license.

As Foreman cuts in, he notices that Donny is bleeding, then Donny pops up and screams. House quips that "the autopsy is going to have to wait."

House suggests that they assume they're not idiots who spent days looking at his heart and failing to notice anything was wrong. Cameron asks what he remembers and he says he was doing the laundry, and his jaw hurts. The only other thing he "knows" is that he is going to die soon.

House asks a doctor why he might be hearing whispering. Cuddy needs to oversee House, but House says that is not necessary because he is not ready to be a doctor yet. Wilson comes home, and House is asleep on the couch. He is acting as if the voices are due to lack of sleep.

Donny complains about pain in his jaw and says something about his tooth, but nurse says he is maxed out on pain meds. He then extracts his own tooth. OUCH!

There was nothing wrong with the tooth the patient extracted. The team, sans House is trying to decide what is wrong with the patient, aside from psychosis.

House is lumbering around the apartment, trying to find the source of the voices he is hearing. He discovers Wilson speaking softly, perhaps to his dead girlfriend, Amber. He says House is having problem.

House tells Wilson he's hearing voices. He says he is going to check back into Mayfield. Wilson says "Okay." House says "Okay?" Wilson says "you're the smartest guy I know, if you can't think of it, it doesn't exist." Wilson knows that House overheard him talking to Amber. He says he misses her, and talking to her makes him feel better, talking to house doesn't.

House says where there's pain, there's nerves. He says, Hereditary sensory autonomic neuropathy. House then demands Chase get some help and do his damn job, regardless of Dibala. Chase asks if the patient ever killed anyone. He says he had partners that did. One took it to be like taking out the trash, like it was nothing. The other drank himself into oblivion. Chase asks if he got help. Yes, the patient said. "Help didn't help."

Then the patient yells out and says he just went to the bathroom.

House says he "wouldn't want to be the duty nurse on his floor. Get it Doody nurse." They still don't know what is wrong with Donny.

Chase goes to confession. The priest asks how long it has been since his last confession. Chase says he killed a man. It was the right thing to do. Chase says what is sacred about the life of a ruthless dictator. The priest says he can't just do 10 hail mary's and be forgiven. He needs to take responsibility to get absolution. He has to tell the police. Chase doesn't want to, but the priest insists it is the only way.

Cuddy and House are having a conversation, then House just stops and realizes SOMETHING< but who knows what yet. House says the patient isn't going to die. He inherited a self destruct button, which gets bigger and bigger until it goes off. House says he's going to cut into his brain, and his son's brain to fix the problem. No sugar pills this time. House said, "the saving the kid from pain stuff was crap." He just wants to be a self absorbed jerk. "Sorry to screw it up."

Both of them are finished with their brain surgeries. Chase comes home drunk, and Cameron is worried. Chase says he needed to get drunk so he did. House sleeps with earplugs in. Is he still hearing voices? He says "Hi dad. think I've been focusing on the wrong thing. There were some good times." Then he says "Wilson! This is stupid!" Wilson says to Amber "You'll see. He's getting better."


Anonymous said...

Amen. Glad I'm not the only one less-than-thrilled that the Angels couldn't end the boredom with all bases loaded at the bottom of the tenth. Frankly, if Baseball goes into overtime, it should be the one to get cut off so all other shows (House, Lie To Me,etc.) can still air on time. Why have a TV guide at all if we can't commit to the right air times?

Sarah said...

I'm so angry! What is this?! Baseball???
I REALLY can't watch it but I'm leaving it on incase house comes on.
Omg it's wasting so much of my time!
If you google the episode though, i believe it was the fox website that said it'll be on tv once it airs..
Soo maybe check at 9? I will!

Anonymous said...

All I can think of is the "F" word, over and over again. Baseball. Bah!

NKVD said...

I think the perp in the early part of the episode was using parkour skills, sometimes called free running in the US. He was also aided by special effects and was lifted by a cable.

alina said...

Omg I record everything so I can watch it without commercials and I was soooo mad to see baseball! Seriously the worst sport eveeerrrr took over my house time! It's been 2 weeks! Now I have to go online and find the episode. Baseball ruins everythingggg.

Anonymous said...

ok enough about the baseball. the recap is wrong the perp gets away scott free it is the cop that trys to make the jump and fails. Falling to the ground. That is what lands him in the hospital. Only latter does his REAL condition come to light.