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Monday, November 9, 2009

House MD Season 6 Episode 7 Recap

Known Unknowns

The show begins with a pair of teenage girls waiting to get into a concert. The one gets bold and charges to the front of the line to declare that she is the DJ's assistant. Her friend is blocked by the bouncer, but just then a band member declares that they are with him.

Then it cuts to the girls describing their evening and all it's sordid details to their friends. Then one girl, apparently named Jordan, swells up like a blowfish and collapses.

House has more marital issues with Wilson. He's not holding up his end of the bargain with attending therapy or something. From the start, House insists that the patient has Rhabdo. The team suggests several alternatives to which House replies, "It can't be any of them, because it's rhabdo."

House runs a test where Jordan tries to play air drums to Metallica. House then says that she lied about being with the band all night. It turns out he was right. They just followed a band member around, stalking him.

Foreman suggests that the girl may be bulimic.

House is trying to sneak around towards wooing Cuddy. Wilson tells him to just ask her out. He says She's not some floozy off the street. "She's the floozy I work for." Then he says you have to work your way in gradually. Wilson says, "like a frog boiling in water" and house says "exactly."

Jordan crashes.

House pretends to be a "Dr. Perlmutter" in order to attend the 80's party Cuddy is attending.

Jordan's friend wants Jordan to tell Foreman all about the night they were out together. She says that she is really sick and she needs to stop lying.

Foreman says that bleeding in her brain makes her lying something she can't control.

House is dressed like Amadeus while Safety Dance plays over the PA. House dances with Cuddy ot Cyndi Lauper's version of Time after Time. They reminisce about first meeting each other. House didn't call Cuddy back because he had been kicked out of Med school.

House says that he and Cuddy have moved on to a new phase where he tells her that he has always been interested in her and she walks out of the room. House questions Wilson about an attempt to give a patient Euthanasia.

The team continues to try and find out what Jordan did the night before she collapsed. They watch video surveillance of her.

Wilson tells House that doctors are rarely indicted for euthanasia. House says he'll be unhirable. Wilson says that if there's one thing House taught him it's to do what is right and don't worry what other's think.

Cameron and Chase confront a man (Keener, the comic book writer) about the fact that they know he was with Jordan that night. He won't admit it because he's married and she's underage.

Wilson talks to Cuddy about how House is in love with her, and she tells him that she needs someone reliable, and that isn't him.

Chase says that Cameron is angry with him and she's taking it out on Keener and she's going to kill the patient in the process.

House tells Wilson to have a soda with him to toast his pending unemployment. Wilson says Cuddy will remain just friends until House becomes more reliable. Wilson starts getting loopy and realizes that House drugged him. He says Cuddy is better off without him.

The patient is asked about the night with Keener. She says she went to his room and he gave her something that he said was Extacy but it didn't seem like it was. It just made her tired. She says she feels like she let her parents down. The dad says he's going to kill him, but Foreman says the brain scan indicates that she's lying.

House goes to see Cuddy and finds Lucas, the PI House used to hire, there with her and the baby. He says this is awkward, but would probably be less awkward if he left.

Wilson wakes in a fog. They are calling for House because the patient is bleeding out faster than they can transfuse blood. Wilson is late for giving a speech, and House gives it for him. Haha. He gave the speech as Dr. Perlmutter.

Wilson is angry. During their argument, House thinks of something. He calls the team. He says it's the blood that's killing her. He says she has Vibrio Vulnificus or something. He says Hemacromatosis was in a blood transfusion.

"That night" Jordan didn't even have the courage to knock on Keener's door. The truth comes out.

Wilson finally changes his mind about House. He says he's a good friend. House says tell her I drugged you to keep you from confessing to murder. Chase and Cameron have a talk and make up. She doesn't know that what he is hiding is that he killed President Dibala. It's not an affair.

Chase begins to tell her about President Dibala. He says they didn't actually lose him. "I killed him." She's stunned and the episode ends.


Anonymous said...

FYI - "Dr Perlmutter" is a real doctor. Dr David Perlmutter, is a neurologist in Naples, FL. He was a customer of the printing company I used to work for.