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Monday, November 23, 2009

House MD Season 6 Episode 9 Recap

Ignorance is Bliss

The future patient is in a bookstore as a courier. The bookstore attendant notices that the messenger looks like a famous physicist, except much more of a hobo version. Then he realizes he really is the guy. He asks the scientist to sign a book for him, but he can't. His hand isn't working. The employee asks him if he's okay, and he says no.

Back in the Hospital, the team is discussing what may be wrong with the patient. Foreman suggests Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), a rare blood disorder, as tension in the room is high, and Thirteen agrees with him. Dr.House is shocked. She says did you think I wouldn't agree with him... ever? House says they're all one big happy family, and tells them to get a blood smear and run tests for TTP.

Preliminary tests show that the schistocytes indicate that it is TTP. Just before the break he begins to have a stroke.

House asks what looks like TTP acts Like TTP but isn't TTP. Taub and Chase head to his apartment to find out what may have triggered any problems. Taub says, "Smartest man in the world and this is the best he can do," observing that the apartment isn't much to look at. Chase says, "Maybe he's doing what he loves. Delivering boxes was a childhood disease."

Then Taub notices research documentation. Chase notices an air vent with an empty liquor bottle in it. They realize that he lost his scientific career due to abuse.

Cuddy doesn't know whether House is trying to show that he has changed, or if he is messing with her. She then invites him to Thanksgiving dinner. Wilson says it's a 3 hour drive, and it might be a fake address. House checked it out and it seems to be legit.

The patient denies that he is an alcoholic. They ask why he is hiding bottles of vodka if he's not an alcoholic. His old lady starts in on him about his drinking habits. He says, "have you ever seen me drunk?" He says he has one shot a day. She says he drinks enough to ruin his liver, and he says nothing is wrong with his liver.

House goes to Thanksgiving dinner, and it turns out he has been had. Cuddy and Lucas are enjoying dinner while he finds out the owners of the house he has arrived at have gone to Hawaii for a week. She says she's supposed to offer him a turkey sandwich. He got got.

When Lucas gets home to his apartment, House is there. House tells him that he (Lucas) isn't right for Cuddy. Lucas asks what House is then. He says, "Less wrong."

House doesn't seem to even know if he has changed or not. He says he blew 832 chances with Cuddy. House says "I'm pathetic. I don't deserve her," then collapses over. He tells Lucas that he loves Cuddy.

The team discusses the case further but can't contact House. They are going forward on their own. They are sure something is wrong with her kidneys, but they don't know why.

Thirteen attempts to get Chase to reconcile with killing President Dibala. He says not everyone is the same. She says they are. They all just want the same things. He says he just wants to be left alone.

Cuddy asks House why Lucas left her. What did House say to him. He says he didn't know. He was drunk. She says she felt bad about duping him, but he sunk to her lowest expectations and lower. She says, "there is no us."

House gloats to Wilson about Lucas and Cuddy breaking up. He says the whole telling your personal emotions because your drunk trick is the oldest trick in the book. Wilson says House is taking credit for Lucas being stupid, which strikes House to his weekly epiphany.

House figures out that the patient is abusing Dextromethorphan, because he's stupid. "DXM is a dumb drug," House explains. It's mixed with vodka to get a cheap high. But that is what is causing his problem He admits to long term abuse of DXM. The patient doesn't want to live without it. House says, "You'd be surprised what you can live without."

The patient is improving. In fact, he's figuring out some nuclear scientist type problem on a sketch pad. He tells Foreman that he's 91 points more intelligent than his wife. He wants to be on the same level as her intellectually. But when he's not stoned, he doesn't respect her lack of intelligence.

Foreman is talking to the wife. She says he hates her. Formeman attempts to comfort her by saying he's just going through withdrawal. Then we see that he can't feel his legs for some reason.

Taub is arguing with his wife. She doesn't like the fact that he is not the boss. He's at the bottom of the totem pole, and he was even on duty for Thanksgiving like an intern. Then his beeper goes off. When House says jump, Taub jumps.

House yells at Chase to come up with an idea. He says all the others are at least trying to contribute something. He says if Chase doesn't get off his ass and do something he will call his "ex smarter half. " Chase stands up, turns to House and punches him straight in the face. House drops straight to the floor.

Cuddy asks if House is going to press charges. House asks, "the ottoman I tripped over." He says the witnesses are experiencing mass hysteria. He tells the patient that he was mowing the lawn when the phone rang. The patient says it's lonely to be a genius. He asks House if he ever tried to kill himself.

He tried once, and broke a lot of bones. They put him on narcotics and he was happy and dumb. before he was smart and miserable. House asks which ribs he broke in his suicide attempt.

He damaged his spleen and it broke into pieces tainting his bloodstream. So, it actually was TTP after all, they just didn't know why. House and Chase talk. Chase punched House so everyone would leave him alone. He thinks it worked.

The patient is planning on going back to tripping on DMX. It's worked for 12 years. House says "Tell your brain I said goodbye."

Taub takes a picture of House and tells his wife he laid down the law. Suddenly she is all over him. She thinks he stood up for himself, but he didn't.

House and Cuddy have more awkward moment, where he offers her tickets, but she refuses. He tells Wilson she and Lucas never split up. He says she turned down the tickets because she lied about them breaking up. She tells Lucas that House knows she lied. Lucas says "Maybe House isn't so bad after all." She says, "That would be nice, wouldn't it."