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Monday, May 19, 2008

Recap: Season 4 Episode 16

Wilson's Heart: Season Finale

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We had more dream sequences tonight. More of the wierdness that prevailed in the first half of the season finale.

The crux of the episode revolved around trying to find out what was wrong with Amber, Wilson's girlfriend. In the bus accident, she had some serious damage to her kidneys. Then she had heart problems, which resulted in her going in to V-tach.

Dr. House finally agreed to let them prod around in his brain to activate the hypothalmus, and help him remember everything that happened. We see him go back to the bar that Amber went to pick him up from. He orders himself a drink, and a Cosmopolitan for her, and orders her to drink. "Drink yours, or I'll drink them both," he demands.

He notes that she sneezed, and it seems like it is just a cold. Nothing serious, so at this point, it seems to be no help.

He tries to order another round, but Amber will have none of it. She prods him out the door, but she has to run back in, because good old Dr. House didn't pay the tab. He gets on the fateful bus. He thinks he ditched Amber, but she presents his cane to him and tells him that he forgot something.

She sits on the bus, and sneezes again. She asks for a tissue, and House mentions that he has a sleeve. Two of them, in fact. He finally notices she's taking some kind of pills, and he realizes that they were the source of the problem. She has some kind of poisoning, that I wasn't clear what the technical name was.

Wilson says they can just put her on dialysis and everything will be fine, but House points out that this poisoning binds with the proteins. She's doomed.

Wilson softly whispers to Amber what happened to her. She says, "the flu pills. I'm dead." Wilson says I love you and she loves him too.

Skip ahead to the end. Wilson is laying there in the hospital bed with Amber. She's ready to die. He wants a few minutes more, but she says, we will always want just a few minutes more. He asks why she isn't angry, and she says she doesn't want that to be the last thing she feels. Wilson kisses her, and turns off the machines. He's torn in anguish.

House is sitting on a bus with Amber. Amber is dead. He asks if he's dead too. She says no. They talk a bit. House says that there's no pain there. He doesn't want to go back. Too bad. It's not his time yet.

Cuddy is curled up on the chair next to House. She is asking him to blink if he understands her. She breathes a sigh of relief, and curls back up on the chair. Wilson pops in, sees that House is OK and heads home.

He sees a note on the empty bed that says, "sorry I'm not here. I went to pick up House." Wilson cries himself to sleep. Grieving.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Season 4 Episode 15

House's Head

I'm all for weird episodes, but this one is still a little hard to understand for me at this point. It's looking like Wilson's girlfriend was on the bus that Dr. House was on. And now Amber is dying.

The previews from next week show Wilson's girlfriend in the hospital bed, tubes and everything. Hmm. More later.

This was part one of the season 4 finale. I hate when they have the old "to be continued
crap. It's bad enough that television is 2/3 commercials, and only 1/3 program. Then they have to screw you and make you wait for the conclusion.

Anyway, the whole episode was inside House's head, where he was trying to figure out what happened in the bus accident. Overall, neat, but a little too Twilight Zone for House MD.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Old Template Lost

I don't know how it happened, but the old stylesheet is gone. Gone gone gone. What sucks the most is the loss of the old banner. It was kickass, and I don't think I have a copy on my hard drive, because it was uploaded by someone else. Is there a way to recover this? Even the wayback machine doesn't help. It's all just gone.