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Monday, May 12, 2008

Season 4 Episode 15

House's Head

I'm all for weird episodes, but this one is still a little hard to understand for me at this point. It's looking like Wilson's girlfriend was on the bus that Dr. House was on. And now Amber is dying.

The previews from next week show Wilson's girlfriend in the hospital bed, tubes and everything. Hmm. More later.

This was part one of the season 4 finale. I hate when they have the old "to be continued
crap. It's bad enough that television is 2/3 commercials, and only 1/3 program. Then they have to screw you and make you wait for the conclusion.

Anyway, the whole episode was inside House's head, where he was trying to figure out what happened in the bus accident. Overall, neat, but a little too Twilight Zone for House MD.