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Monday, February 1, 2010

House MD Season 6 Episode 13 Recap

Moving the Chains

During a football practice, one of the players suffers a bout of 'roid rage. House initially suspects steroids, but other doctors suggest that it could also be the result of a pituitary problem.

House is taking a bath in Wilson's bathroom. This prompts a domestic dispute between the two over House's use of Wilson's bathtub. House points out that his bathroom doesn't have a tub. Wilson responds that he who pays the bills calls the shots and orders House out of the tub.

House informs Foreman that his brother needs a ride home from prison. Foreman says he's too busy, but House tells him that he is now "officially unbusy." Family comes first.

In the clinic, a military vet goes to see House. He got a girl pregnant and he wants out to raise his child. He tells House that he waited an hour extra to see House specifically. He noticed House's limp, and thought that House would be sympathetic to him. House tells him that back in the day people who wanted to avoid combat took off to Canada or shoot themselves in the foot. He gives the Military man the brush off telling him to go hug his wife if he wants some sympathy.

The football player is diagnosed as being a steroid user. He insists that he's never used, then suffers a paroxysmal tachycardia episode. Foreman goes to see House and tell him of the development. He's surprised to see his brother sitting with House, apparently interviewing for a job. Foreman tells the brother that House doesn't care about him. He will chew him up and spit him out.

Wilson discovers a Possum in his bathroom. House is busy updating the team. Foreman is again surprised to see his brother present. Wilson bursts in during the meeting to tell House how badly the opossum damaged the apartment, which tallies about $1500.

Foreman seems to be skeptical that his brother, Marcus, is able to be a productive member of society. Wilson accuses House of being nice. He says House is being altruistic with employing Foreman's brother. House says he can't complain about the destruction he caused and call him altruistic in the same swipe.

Attempts to induce a heart attack in the patient through stress testing have failed. The patient seems ready to leave, but House shows up with a vasodilater to chemically induce a reaction. He says the patient is turning white. The patients Mom asks what that means, and House says he can get a job other than football player.

House has given Marcus a desk and a nameplate. Foreman is not happy with this development. Marcus is assigned with the task of following Foreman around and recording his interactions with patients. He tells Foreman that he is a changed man, but Foreman doesn't seem to think so.

Wilson tells House that the demeaning nature of Marcus's assignment is the result of House attempting to prove that he's not just being nice.

The military man is back and he's shot himself in the foot. House says all he's going to get is a band aid and five days off. No deal.

The patient is told that the procedure won't lay him up long and he will still be able to make NFL trials.

House is back to taking a bath . He reaches for the bar to pull himself up, but it rips right out of the wall. Wilson comes home and House is "Lying in wait" for Wilson. He blames Wilson for deliberately rigging it to fail. Wilson says "It's karmic justice, but I didn't do it."

The patient has an inflamed liver, but his spleen is normal. Taub says that he thinks it might be viral hepatitis, due to routine injections of lidocaine in his ankles.

House tells Marcus that if he doesn't get real honest real fast then he's fired. He tells House about Foreman stealing a car as a youngster. It was pretty innocuous, but it caused their mother to be severly disappointed. Foreman has spent the rest of his life making certain not to ever disappoint his mother, who is now deceased.

The patient has too much concentration of cryoglobulins , a protein in the blood. He can be treated, but he needs to stop playing in the meantime. This means he will miss the Football trials. But if he doesn't keep the doctor's advice and tries out, he could die.

House tells Wilson that someone is breaking into their apartment and screwing with them. He says House pranked himself to throw Wilson off the scent. House says he is not a "Master-prankster." Wilson doesn't believe him and thinks it's House playing mind games. Then the sprinkler system goes off, and the Flat Screen TV is ruined. Wilson says, "you would never sacrifice the flat screen." House says, "This guy is good."

House and Wilson accuse Cuddy and the team, CLUE style, of being involved in the mishaps happening in their apartment. One by one, people are eliminated. He then gets to announcing to everyone that Foreman's Mom died and he never told anyone. Marcus jumps in and tells House that he crossed the line. Then he quits.

The patient is getting ready to leave. He says that he doesn't need two or three weeks. He also stopped taking the blood thinners he has been prescribed.

The military man is going to lose his toe to infection. He chuckles, thinking he finally got his out. House informs him a missing toe won't keep him out of action. Of course, he could let the infection just continue to spread.

Foreman goes after the football player to stop him. The player shrugs off Foreman, but as he makes his way down the hall he stops. He tells Foreman that he can't say, and asks him to take him back to the hospital.

Foreman informs House that the patient is returned to the hospital, but he's busy doing something. House says that something else is wrong with the patient because he isn't losing weight. Foreman goes to see his brother. It seems like he's finally ready to accept his brother's intention to become a new man. The two hug.

House thinks the prankster is Foreman, but in the cafeteria Lucas trips him and asks if there are any better pranks than setting off the sprinklers. It seems that Cuddy and Lucas were vying for the very same condo that Wilson bought. He says he's calling off all future offenses. He's both made his point and established superiority.

House asks the patient "You know why you're black?" He says the amount of melanin causes doctors to overlook the possibility of melanoma. He looks at the patient's foot and finds a tumor. The patient says he missed his shot. House says he gets to have the same crappy life as the rest of the students, "minus the student loans."

Wilson tells House that Foreman and his brother are working things out. He says House fired Marcus to get Foreman and Marcus together by becoming their common enemy. House says he fired him because he had no more use for him. Wilson asks what they are going to do to get back at Lucas and House says, "nothing." Wilson says, "I win." Then the soldier rolls by in a wheelchair, obviously having had much more than a toe amputated.

House reflects on whether he really is somehow, in a twisted way, orchestrating all the events around him in a way that is beneficial to others, like Wilson insists.

Monday, January 25, 2010

House MD Season 6 Episode 12 Recap


House is evading a former colleague from medical school. He's been sleeping in Wilson's office in order to avoid the old schoolmate.

The patient is a woman who is suffering from excruciating pain. In the show opening a coworker starts feeling intensely ill, just before she suffers intense pain in her head. She is being scanned by Thirteen who says that she has no ability to feel love. She is a psychopath.

The schoolmate of House tracks him down, thanks to an assist by Wilson. House has coffee with Lorenzo Wibberly, awkwardly attempting to make small talk, he asks what Lorenzo has done since medical school. He says that he never graduated. He works in a grocery store. His dad got sick, and he wound up one credit short. House asks which credit. He says he failed on the paper that House had switched on him.

House says, "you're the CEO of this supermarket?" To which Lorenzo says he's a bag boy. "Life works out weird sometimes," he says.

House asks the patient how long she has been a psychopath. She looks surprised. He rattles off a list of things that qualify her as psychopathic, including being a pathological liar. They ask if she poisoned her coworker. She says she just gave hi something to make him feel like vomiting. It wasn't quite a poisoning. House figures out she has a heart arrhythmia.

House finds out the sob story of his former classmate gets worse and worse. His fathers medical bills are piling up, and he was one of "those idiots that got a mortgage with a balloon rate." He's losing his home.

Valerie, the patient, taunts Thirteen, and points out that she can't feel anything (remorse) for doing so. Then Thirteen grabs her arm, and she screams out with agony. Thirteen says she didn't know what happened, but the patient filed a formal complaint against her. Thirteen and Foreman argue about the treatment. House says, "Those of you who haven't slept together can go." Taub stands by and says, "Sorry. That was our secret." Then splits. House tells Foreman and Thirteen to have sex or quit.

Thirteen asks Valerie's husband about where the patient may have become exposed to any sort of toxins. Perhaps in landscaping class. House asks the patient, "when you watch Star Wars, which side do you cheer for?" She points out that Dr. Hadley said she is like House. She says he's as warped as she s and that's why he likes to talk to her.

Her husband finds out that she was not attending a landscaping class. He accuses her of having an affair. She manipulates him saying he can go ahead and check out her story. She makes him feel guilty for accusing her of an affair. He says he's sorry and hugs her, while she glares at Thirteen so as to say, "I played him like a fiddle."

The patent is demanding that Cuddy fire Thirteen. Cuddy says that the patient will not sue, or her husband will find out the truth, and that Dr. Hadley will be removed from contact with her. The patient asks Thirteen if she is going to cry, "because that is one I just can't do."

She gets a phone call and bursts in screaming about the patient accusing her of sexual harassment. Foreman makes her get out of the room. He says that he knows that the charges are bogus, and it will all play out. He then apologizes for firing her. He says he was wrong for doing it.

Foreman explains an emergency surgery to the husband. He says Valerie always made all the decisions. Foreman says it's time to step up and make a decision. The husband asks if she was lying. Did she cheat on him. Foreman says he can't discuss it. The husband says he feels like he doesn't even know her anymore. He sigs and tells Foreman to do whatever needs to be done.

Chase says he gives her a day, maybe two. House says, "Great, you be the clock, everyone else be the doctor."

Wilson asks House what he is doing. He says he's paying Wibberly's mortgage for a few months. Wilson asks why he will help Wibberly but won't apologize to Cuddy. He says that he can't make amends with someone he actually cares about, and that is why he still won't apologize to Cuddy.

Valerie's sister, Sarah, comes to the hospital. Thirteen says she is surprised. She says, "You know what she's like." Sarah says she is not that bad. Her dad was a mean drunk. She wasn't always like this, but she changed in adolescence.

Thirteen tells this to House. He says, "Liver, heart, brain, starts at puberty." House mutters something about raw food diet. Then he says he knows about lipstick lesbians. "Are there nail polish remover bisexuals?" She has an inability to process copper. They are going to treat her with chelation. She asks if that will fix her psychopathy.

Thirteen warns Valerie's husband that she is playing him. She is going to pretend that she is a whole new person once she gets treatment, but she tells him that it won't be real. He says it felt real, and maybe that is enough.

Wibberly asks House if he's really going to pay his mortgage. He says he can't take House's money. He lied. He got an A on the paper and was an orthopedic surgeon for years. He blew it all away on a gambling addiction. House asks why the sob story. Wibberly says he though House would be the same SOB he was in college. House demands he take the check. Then demands again even more forcefully.

Valerie tells her husband he's pathetic. She says it was one thing before he knew, but he knows now and that makes him a chump. He walks away. Thirteen asks why she drove him away. Valerie says it's because he's pathetic. Thirteen says, no. He hasn't changed, but she has. She says Valerie is feeling something or she would just keep sucking him dry. The treatment must be changing her brain. She asks, "what are you feeling?" Valerie says she doesn't know, but it hurts.

Foreman congratulates Thirteen on the diagnosis, while the two make up. Musical outro begins while house looks at Cuddy and Lucas happily together. He takes the mortgage check and slips it in Wibberly's mail slot.

Monday, January 11, 2010

House MD Season 6 Episode 11 Recap

The Down Low

During a drug deal, one drug dealer collapses. House goes all Jack Bauer on him, yelling at him< "Where's the Cocaine!" He mentions that the technique seems to work for Jack Bauer (Not the first time House has referenced Jack bauer, BTW). The drug dealer says he's in textiles, not drugs.

Meanwhile, Wilson is chatting up a neighbor. She tells him about where to get the best pizza, the best coffee, and where to get his dry cleaning done. It seems like all is going well, until he asks her out. She says to bring the good looking man with the cane. She implies that House is Wilson's love interest. Wilson says that they're not gay, but she doesn't seem to believe him.

Foreman wants a raise, so the team members play a joke on him that they make more than he does.

House asks the drug dealer about what textiles he is in. He says, "Is it H, by which I mean hosiery?" The dealer says it's Culottes. House asks culottes with a C or a K. With a C,the dealer says. "Nobody wants K anymore." The only thing I've ever heard of referred to as K is Ketamine. It's also the symbol for Potassium, but I don't see much street value for that unless you want to stop someone's heart to kill them. Anyone know what K is?

Then House asks Wilson what Culottes are. Wilson says that they are pants that wear like a skirt. The drug dealer looks at him with a look of "Sure you're not gay."

Wilson comes in to House's interrogation, and tells him that the cute neighbor girl thinks they are gay. House says she'll figure it out sooner or later. Wilson says he wants her to figure it out sooner, so House decides to begin acting gay. He has a big poster of "A Chorus Line," and is listening to showtunes.

Wilson's attempts to convince his neighbor that he is not gay fail. He says that there is no furniture in the apartment. There are no "window treatments." She says that her ex didn't even know what window treatments are. She says if he wants to spend more time with "Greg" that he should just tell him.

House figures out the patient is not actually a drug dealer, but is a cop instead.

The cop won't tell them about where he has been and what he has been doing because he needs to protect his identity and make the big bust. There's just no way he's going to talk. The patient says that there is a big - no huge - deal about to go down and he has to get out of the hospital to make the bust. Now he has a G.I. infarction and they had to remove a foot of his bowels.

They go talk to one of the actual drug dealers and try to convince him that he is sick too. He says he's not sick, he's drugged. He knows the difference, but then he shows that he cares for Mickey and says he'll take them to the stash.

Thirteen and the dealer go to some warehouse, and someone bursts in. He thinks she called the cops but it's one of his cronies. She plays up like she's a prostitute to get rid of him and says it will cost extra to bring a friend.

House is out to dinner with the girls Wilson wants. Wilson bursts in on their date. Wilson says
"I love this man, and I will not waste another moment of my life denying that. Gregory House, Will you marry me?"
He holds out a ring. Now that House's date bolts, Wilson sits down and dips from the cup of victory.

There are some sort of petroleum or dry cleaning chemicals in the drugs, but nothing yet that explains what is wrong with the patient. The patient is coughing up blood while the drug dealer tenderly attends to him. The patient says he shouldn't have taken Thirteen to the stash. He says, "you're my friend. You'd do it for me." He asks if Mickey wants him to stay. He says no. You have to be there. Sorry I can't go with you.

Cuddy chastises the team for play a joke of Foreman and they say that he deserves a raise and they want her to take it out of their paychecks.

House comes clean with the neighbor, Nora. He says he just went with the gay thing because it was a fun way to mess with Wilson. He says their not closeted because their not gay. House just wanted to "Touch her boobies." He actually hates Evita. House has his epiphany.

The patient has Hughes-Stovin, and auto-immune disease that is terminal. He's going to keep having pulmonary aneurysms until he dies. While his drug dealing cohorts go down, he dies.

Wilson says he actually kind of likes the way Nora thinks of him as a bit of a bad boy. He complains about the couch, and bursts into singing a showtune.