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Monday, October 5, 2009

House MD Season 6 Episode 4 Recap

Due to illness I was not able to post the recap of season 6 episode 1 &2 or season 6 episode 3 yet. I'll get on it as soon as I am capable. Now, let's get on with what happened on House tonight.

The Tyrant
As the episode opens, there are some weird characters led by James Earl Jones. He's the President of an African Nation. I think James Earl Jones went unconscious or something.

At the hospital, they are looking for a replacement for Thirteen, who has been fired. House is back, but doesn't actually have clearance to practice. Foreman asks if he has anything Medical to say. House advises to treat for dioxin poisoning.

Darth Vader/President Dibala asks Chase about where he went to school, and Chase tells about how he left the seminary. Jones says there priests weren't needed when his sister suffered consumption, implying a good career change for Chase.

Foreman re-extends the job back to Thirteen, who replies that she doesn't want the job. She doesn't seem to want anything else from Foreman either. A young patient warns Chase about what a bad man presumably Darth Vader is. He takes young boys off the street and teaches them to be killers. Chase says he cannot discuss other patients.

House chides Wilson about how he's trying to be a bit invisible in his own apartment. Wilson says the downstairs neighbor is on the condo board and complained about noise and the cooking smell.

House bursts in and says Lassa Fever. Foreman says that is ruled out, and so is dioxin. Vader has been in many different African nations. House again insists that he has met with dignitaries from Liberia where htere is Lassa Fever. Foreman says he will check on it.

Darth Vader asks if Foreman has a girlfriend. He asks if that is her there in the hallway. Thirteen is out in the hallway and Foreman goes to talk to her.

House goes to get under the skin of the downstairs neighbor. Then he even turns around and apologizes to the guy. He replies that he doesn't give a crap about apologies.

Darth Vader hands over a consent form that a young African woman will allow her blood to be used to cure him. Cameron wants to refuse, but the young woman insists that she wants to. Cameron tells Cuddy she is being coerced, but Cuddy says if that's what they want then that's the way it is.

The young African man bursts into Vader's room shooting and begins beating him. Chase is running after him yelling not to let him in there. You see some sort of automatic rifle that seems to have been dropped in the process. Chase pulls him off and notices that Darth Vader's eye is blood red. He has not been shot.

Chase tells the young man he needs a lawyer. He says that given the circumstances with his wife, he may get a lighter sentence. The man tells him that she is not his wife. He says Vader will kill all the Sitabi.

Vaders eye is the result of an enlarged lymph node. Chase suggests Sarcoidosis, and House holds up an xray. He won't actually speak. Then an infection is suggested bu Foreman, but his fever is not high enough. They check for Lymphoma. House says to close the blinds and when the blinds are closed they say "Lymphoma. Tada."

House did some snooping on the downstairs neighbor. He is too young to be a VietNam vet, and he isn't registered with the VA. Wilson says it's easy to be nice to people you like, but being nice to people you hate... That's a skill."

Vader thanks Chase for saving his life. He says he is fighting a guerrilla war. Chase says it's genocide. Jones says he is trying to prevent genocide and impose order. He admits that he "Hired men that stepped over the line and there were abuses, but that will not happen again."

House is doing more snooping about in the apartment. He knocks over a bucket of water, then sees a Canadian flag. Hmm. Canadian?

Chase and Cameron discuss the morals of the case a bit. Cameron says she isn't trying to kill the patient but the world would be a better place if he didn't happen to make it. They seem to rule out Lymphoma.

House confronts the neighbor and tells him that he saw the Canadian flag. He says "you broke into my apartment?" house accuses the man that he is faking about being in Vietnam war hero. House says Canadians didn't go there. The man snaps at him about how he saved a boy and to this day he still feels pain in his missing hand where he held the boy, so no, he is not faking. House says, "on a related note, Go Maple Leafs."

Darth Vader asks about the biopsy results. He asks if it is Lymphoma. Chase says it is not Lymphoma. Vader aks the same 2 questions again.

Foreman is out to dinner with Thirteen. She says that he could have stepped down from his position. He says then they both would have lost their jobs. He says he made the right decision and she walks out.

Now house says it's scleredoma. No clever way of telling them. He says the patient is dying and there's no time for games anymore.House says he'll get Cuddy. Foreman says for right now it is his department and for now they are treating him for Blasto.

Darth Vader does not trust Cameron. He says it is easier to send someone to kill that it is to do it yourself. He says she is too weak to act on her beliefs. He knows she doesn't like him, but she won't kill him. Chase says that is because she is better than him.

Chase pushes Darth Vader about what he is willing to do. He says not to ask questions he doesn't really want the answers to. He says he saved his life, he deserves to know. Darth Vader says with a dead stare and intensity, "Whatever it takes to protect my country."

Wilson yells at House, "You broke into his apartment!" He says that the neighbor was going to press charges, but Wilson is kicking him out instead. He says it's serious. House could go to jail and he knows that it's the right thing to do.

Cameron says that she needs to pick a side and do the right thing, so she's going to do everything she can to keep the patient alive. She asks Foreman if he said he was wrong to fire Thirteen. She says he is reasonable enough to admit when he is wrong.

House Injects the neighbor with something that knocks him out, and when he wakes up he's all duct taped up. House says "first of all, my bad." House sticks his hand in his stump in a box with a mirror. He says to clench both fists at the same time. He says "Pray this is going to work. Ready, now let go." When the man lets go, he realizes the pain in his arm is gone. Then he thanks House.

All the alarms are going off for the patient. Darth Vader is having internal bleeding, the alarms are going crazy. They are giving him the paddles over and over again, but to no avail. Things slow down into slow motion, but he has died. Darth Vader is dead.

Foreman wants to know what happened, and House tells him that either he didn't have enough confidence in his diagnosis, or he had too much. Then Foreman confronts Chase about why he was in the morgue. There was a patient with sclerodoma in the morgue. He asks if Chase switched the blood to ruin the diagnosis and make them treat him for the wrong disease.

Chase says it was bigger than the one patient. Darth Vader would kill so many people that it would make all the work they do saving lives meaningless. Everything they do is for nothing if they save the life of a genocidal maniac. Foreman asks if Chase thought he could do something like that with no consequences to himself. Chase solemnly replies, "No." Chase kills James Earl Jones and he knew what he was getting into and was willing to accept it.

Wilson says he talked to the veteran neighbor and he seemed... "Happy." He isn't going to press charges, even if House doesn't move out. He asks House what he did, and House asks if he really wants to know. Wilson says he'll just give him the benefit of the doubt.

During the closing, there are some somber moments, and Foreman seems to be burning the record that shows Chase switched the blood sample.

Chase Kills Patient on House