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Monday, May 11, 2009

House MD Season 5 Finale Season 5 Episode 24 Recap

Both Sides Now

A patient has a bizarre affliction where the right side of his brain and the left side of his brain are at war with each other.

House tells Wilson that he slept with Cuddy, after which she informed him he was just an employee. They were both stone cold sober, he says. Sounds like Cuddy may have the buyers remorse. Wilson says to talk to her about it.

House didn't talk to her, and demands that Wilson is not to talk to her. Wilson tells him to "for once in your life, be an adult." House needs to confront Cuddy.

The patient is being shown words on a screen and stating what the words are. The word "candle" comes up, and he says that he doesn't see the word on the screen, but then he draws a candle. House notices the patient scratching himself, and tells the patient that his liver is failing.

Cuddy asks Wilson if there was something he wanted to say to her about house. Wilson says there's nothing to talk about. House asks Cuddy for permission to do a liver biopsy and tries to get her mad. He refuses to do clinic hours, but she observes that she is still not angry.

House says that he found oxytocin in her coffee cup. This makes you all lovey dovey. Wilson says he would have to have a baseline to compare it to. House says he took a water bottle before.

A clinic patient comes to see House. He says he squawks. Like a parrot. He tries to mimic the sound, but comes off as a looney. House escorts him out.

13 and Taub are doing some tests on the patient while he plays air guitar. They rule out sarcoidosis. House suggests pancreatic cancer and tells them to test his pancreas.

The clinic patient brings Cuddy a stool sample and says that Dr House said to bring over a sample right away. He bursts in saying "Here's my poo." He asks if there is a clinical name, to which Cuddy says it's called a stool sample.

The patient wants to leave. House tells Cameron she needs to destroy Chase's sperm. House tells Wilson they need him to do relationship counseling with the patient. House says right brain left brain is the breakfast of relationships. It's the most important part.

House continues to shut out the clinic patient and hangs up on him. He insists the brain patient has pancreatic cancer and pushes to treat him for it. Cameron tells Chase that she really does want to marry him, right while he is in the middle of surgery.

Wilson asks House if he really wants Cuddy, or if it is just another challenge for him. He says he is all for House and Cuddy being together but he needs to take it seriously, or they will both get hurt.

House says they weren't looking at the right time. He has arrhythmia, but it's intermittent. They just weren't looking at the right time, such as right now. The patient is in trouble, and House correctly identifies the problem, saving the patient's life. He declares "I did it again."

House asks what makes a 20 something healthy persons hears send out clots like it's bombing Dresden. The patient's girlfriend says he hit her. She says that his left hand sometimes throws things, but it never seemed anything but playful, but when he hit her, it didn't seem that way. They ask him how often he uses deodorant. He says a couple of times a day.

Wilson asks House if he wants to be the man with the answers or the man with Cuddy. He says what do I do? Wilson says, "you make her angry." He says he means for real, not teh half assed attempts that House has been making. He says, "Now go terrorize her."

Cameron never canceled any of the wedding plans with Chase.

House tells the entire hospital that he slept with Lisa Cuddy. He announces it to everyone from a balcony on the second floor. Cuddy runs out and looks up at him as the show cuts to commercial. So did it work? Did he get her angry?

She goes ballistic. She says, congratulations House, I am angry. He says he was wondering when they could move in together. She says he's fired.

He tells the clinic patient that his squawking was caused by acid reflux. Then he asks him why he is adjusting his belt. He says the patient has pancreatic cancer. It can cause acid reflux.

Cuddy tells House that they not only don't have a personal relationship. They never could. She was pissed off when he told her he quit and she initially refused. He said to go suckle the bastard child. He says, that's not what happened. "I told you I needed you." She asks if he's okay. He drops a bottle of Vicodin. She asks if he's okay again. TThen everything flashes between scenes. He in the office with her, in the bathroom detoxing, having sex with her in his him, over and over again looking at a lipstick and a bottle of vicodin.

He ppours a bottle of vicodin in his hand and takes some. Then we see him again with Amber. She says, "so, this is the story you made up about who you are." Kutner says, "too bad it isn't true." House says, "No. I'm not okay."

House goes to see Wilson. It cuts from that to Cameron and Chase getting married. At teh same time they exchange rings, House hands off some personal items to Wilson. Is he going to rehab? Where is House going? What is he doing?

Then we see that where is going. It's the Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital.

That's it folks. Season 5 of House MD is all wrapped up with more questions than ever. How much is real? How much is a delusion? We won't know until next season.


Anonymous said...

It was a bottle of Oxycodon, not Vicodin, in the final scene that House was twirling.

Anonymous said...

It was not "oxycodone". Oxycodone is generic for "percocet". House is addicted to Vicodin. The generic for vicodin is Hydocodone.

Anonymous said...

The bottle did say Oxycodone though. I saw that too. Might have been continuity error.

Anonymous said...

yes oxycodone is percocet, which is known to produce hallucinations, the question is why is he taking oxycodone? is vicodin not working for the pain anymore?

moviegirl_2011 said...

i liked this episode but i hated how the huddy scene was a hallucination!

Anonymous said...

Regardless of which pain killer he was popping, I believe the hallucinations were more PTSD induced than pill induced.