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Monday, April 13, 2009

House MD Season 5 Episode 21 Recap


What happened on House tonight?

At the beginning of the episode tonight, we see two eco-nuts chained to a large piece of equipment during a protest of what seems to be a mining operation of some sort. The workers confront dirty hippy chick and dirty hippy dude. Workers complain that the hippies should just let them do their job. The hippies utter something incoherent about a phony impending ecological disaster, just like all the other fake hysterias they have "warned" us about for the last 4 decades or so.

Unwashed hippy chick passes out from the power of her own stink, and the guy finally unlocks himself to make sure that she's okay. As he gets up, the LSD kicks in and things start to send him on a bad trip. He, of course, winds up as the next case that House will tackle.

In the wake of Kutner's suicide, Cameron calls off a vacation that she was supposed to take with Chase. She discovered that he had purchased a ring, and got all freaked out that he is going to propose to her. Especially that she thinks Kutner's suicide may have something to do with driving him to want to marry her, and she doesn't want that to be a factor that influences his decision.

House uncovers that Wilson is eating healthy, and tries to figure out what is going on. He snoops around in Wilson's apartment, looking to solve the mystery. When Wilson comes in, he asks if Wilson is eating healthy because Kutner's dead. Wilson replies that yes, he's eating healthier because if he doesn't watch what he eats, he might accidentally kill himself. House observes that mortality is mortality, and Wilson may be considering his own mortality. Wilson points out that he has plenty of junk food around. House says showing him food he hasn't eaten doesn't mean anything. Wilson replies, "If you're looking for evidence of what I have eaten, first door on the right."

Chase can't figure out what is going on with Cameron, and asks Cuddy if Cameron is in love with House. She stalls, and he asks if she (Cuddy) is in love with House. She stalls again, and Chase says, "two questions. No answers. I'll extrapolate from there."

Meanwhile, our eco nut friend continues to puzzle the team with an ever growing risk of impending death. Signs point towards it being cancer, but there is not any actual evidence of cancer. Taub suggests attempting to grow the tumor in response to House suggesting they irradiate the patient. House loves the idea, but can't understand why he didn't think of it himself. He tells Wilson he lost his mojo.

At a vending machine, Wilson buys some gummi bears. House says, "you hate gummy bears, but more importantly, I hate gummy bears." He finally realizes that wilson was merely eating food that House won't eat. "You're eating healthy because you know that I have no desire to eat healthy." Wilson comes clean that he was just messing with house, because that's what is normal for them. He tried to change things after Amber died, but that just didn't fit right. Messing with House fits. Of course, House finally gets an idea, thanks to Wilson's mental challenge.

He asks the patient about contact with flowers. There's no garden, they live in an apartment. No window box. No potted plants. Finally he turns to Taub and says "your marriage sucks." "Thanks," Taub replies. House goes on to say that the eco-nut loves a tree in Oregon more than his wife, so he must have bought her flowers at some point to make up for being a sucky husband. His wife isn't even aware of it, but he did. He bought her roses. The thorn of the rose gave him an infection and it's totally curable. Good news for him. Bad for the wife.

After being dumped by Chase, Cameron talks to House and he tells her that is just what she wanted. She says she didn't want to dump him. He says, you wanted him to dump you. There's much less guilt that way. So, she goes back to Chase and explains her situation to him. He bends down on his knee, and she smiles with joy.

At the end, House is playing piano, and Amber show up and starts talking to him. Next week, House continues to hallucinate. Were the people right that believe this to be a dream sequence. Things got fuzzy at the end of the episode two weeks ago. Is this real, or a dream? Or is House really hallucinating?