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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Season 3 Premieres Tonight

Episode Title: Meaning

Don't forget that it airs one Hour early, 8pm ET on FOX.

When we last saw House, he was being whisked into the OR and regained consciousness just in time to reveal that the entire episode was a dream sequence. He had suffered a gunshot wound and requested a procedure that may or may not releive him of his pain, and also may or may not cause other changes in his brain or personality.

In the ad for the premiere, it seems that he is no longer in pain, but also may have lost all common sense. Is it another dream sequence? Is it real? We will find out tonight. Tune in here at Blogs For House for a liveblog of the Season 3 Premiere.

Remember, one hour early!


Maribeth said...

Yay! House is back!