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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Liveblogging 9/26/06

Season 3: Lines in the Sand

Okay, I missed the opening segment, so sue me! Oh, and we have a new House fan group! Go check them out!

1909 hrs: Great joke! The veterinary hospital one!

1911 hrs: Is that Vic Mackey's son? Is Vic Mackey gonna kick my ass for saying that?

1913 hrs: Damn! House gets all the chicks!

1914 hrs: Apparently nothing is wrong with the autistic kid. Damn! I guess they have no episode tonight! Well, other than going up his rear and getting a smear!

1916 hrs: Well, there goes that theory!

1920 hrs: Anyone want to venture a guess as to what is wrong with the autistic kid? That's assuming that anyone is reading this right now.

1927 hrs: Wow, House philosophy! Preach, Dr. Preach!

1928 hrs: Whoa, the kid has liver cells under his arm. I imagine that could be a problem...

1933 hrs: Hmmm, imagine that, House thinks the parents have done something.

1935 hrs: Wilson wants Cuddy (mmmmm Cuddy) to defeat House by surrendering to him. Sound like anyone you know? House wants his old bloodstained carpet back.

1937 hrs: Uh-oh, the hot psycho-stalker chick is back!

1940 hrs: Damn! Mmmmm...Cuddy. How is House not hitting that?

1944 hrs: Whoa! That was weird. The kid's right eye rolled up in his head, and the left stayed normal!

1948 hrs: Psycho-stalker chick is backed and locked up in Cuddy's (Mmmm Cuddy) office. Now House has to go talk to her. I imagine she'll say something that will give House the lightening bolt of inspiration that will help him figure out what's wrong with the kid. Now he's quoting Casablanca! Ick!

1953 hrs: Wow, House just convinced her she has a spore in her brain. He rocks.

1954 hrs: The kid has raccoon roundworms in his eyes! Double F&&&ing Ick!

1600 hrs: House saves the kid, the kid gives House his PSP as a way of saying thanks. Apparently House made a connection with the boy. How cheery, and sappy. Even House is shocked. House gets his carpet back while the crappy hippy music plays. Cameron tells House that not all change is bad. Wow! What a freakin' Plato!

Houseism of the night:

FOREMAN: I had a date last night and she screamed. Does that mean we should examine her?

HOUSE: Of course not, this isn't a veterinary hospital.

Juvenile I know, but still, very good!

Great, we have to wait until the Yankees win the World Series before House comes back on.

Well, that's it for this episode of House. I hope all you that weren't reading this had a good time. Courage.


Trench said...

Excellent post but Cuddy is mine you hear me. MINE!!!

LittleOrangeFox said...

I would have to say my Houseism was when he walked into the epidictimy whatever surgery

I think this is what he said

House:"Don't touch that eye!"

Surgeon:This is an epidictimy...

House:"Like I said...Don't touch that eye..."

fmragtops said...

Trench, Cuddy so likes me better!

Foxy: that one was good too!

Rob said...

Sorry .. everytime I see Cuddy, I think of "her" role in Ally McBeal ... she played a transsexual lawyer. Kills the imagery.

fmragtops said...

Luckily I've never watched Ally McBeal. So, because of that, everytime I see Cuddy, I think very dirty thoughts. Thoughts that are probably NSFW.