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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Liveblogging Season 3 Episode 2

Cain and Able

Crap! I missed the first few minutes. It's the return from commercials. Cuddy and Wilson are making cracks about "where's the Body odor?"

Then Cuddy and Wilson argue over why House isn't exercising. Wilson acknowledges the hole in Houses leg. I don't think this can be real because pain or no pain... Hole in the leg. No muscle.

House is arguing with pretty boy. He says it's a bleeding disorder, you screwed up the test.

Foreman says "it's a bleeding disorder."

The kid's missing, house says, "let's hope he hasn't gone into hyperdrive. We'll never catch him then."

Chase finds him in a room, he's digging in his neck t get the chip out. His neck's all bloody. Chase pulls his arm away, but then notices a metal sliver.

[Commercial break]

They're arguing over what's wrong with the kid. Now they're talking with the parents. The parents want to knew why they need to keep running tests.

Cameron discovers Veggie fuy from last week is ok. She's gonna tell house. He wants a bucket full of viagra. Hehe

Cameron is arguing with Cuddy that theyu need to tell House the truth.

Kid tells chase that his parents think he's crazy. He gets an injection and starts to hallucinate. Alarms start going on everywhere.

"I could smell what the Rock was cooking" Killer line. Now they want to do some test on the kid's heart.

His heart isn't the problem. House keeps insisting on looking at bigger and bigger screen resolutions. House jusmps up to point something out, and cleatly hurt his leg.

Cuddy wants to take a pet scan of his brain. House is insisting on insinuating that Cuddy is pregnant.

They're looking at the kid's bllood or whatever and Chase says, "alien DNA"

[Commercial break]

House wants a plausible "terrestrial explanation" for the kid's alien DNA. Cameron wants to flush out the bad DNA

Wilson still refuses to let House know about veggie guy. Foreman says all House's brilliant ideas have been Cameron's. Cameron tells Foreman that House didn't blow the last case, but the beleif that he did is messing up his mind.

Chase explains the surgery they plan to do on the kid. He tells the kid, everyhtinf is fixed and he can go home tomorrow.

Wilson tries to get House back on the vicodin, but House says he doesn't want to be dependent on a drug to get through the day. Bastard. Wilson says, "youre not always right... you've proven that lately." Liar!

House is running like a madman on the treadmill. THe kid sees strange lights and starts to levitate, but it turns out he's still in surgery.

[Commercial break]

They tell House that it's neurological, but the scan is clean. House goes to do his wall ball thinking routine.

He's got nothing. He says to send the kid home. He says the remaining symptons might just be psychological. Wilson had really put the mind eff on him. He tells Cuddy that "you gotta know when to stop."

He tells Cuddy that she's been overly dupportive. She's either guilt ridden or hormonal. She admits that he was right about veggie guy. Suddenly he has a breakthrough.

House says what if he's not a person. What if he's two persons. He's a twin that merged together in one.

The twin inside is competing with him. House tells the parents. They say you're talking about brain surgery. House says, "we're talking about really cool brain surgery."

They're in the OR. THe kid is protesting as they perform the operation. He tells them to turn it up higher. Chase says the next step is brain damage.

The kid's hallucinating hard. He sees aliens. Little skinny big headed grey aliens. Then he sanps out of it and says, "you got them."

House tells Wilson that Cuddy lied to him. Wilson says that doesn't sound like her, and House replies that it sounds like him though. Wilson says he thought that if he knew he was right based on no evidence he would think he's God. House says, "God doesn't limp."

House gets back home and grabs the cane and starts using it.

Next week on House... House may have to play Dr. Kevorkian


Steve the Pirate said...

I knew it wouldn't be long until House went back to the cane. It's part of his charm.