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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

House MD Season 5 Episode 3 Recap

Adverse Events

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I unfortunately missed a huge chunk of this week's episode of House MD due to picking my daughter up from Girl Scouts, and this may be a bi-weekly thing. Which is going to suck.

The episode starts with a painter that is painting a very attractive nude woman. Her husband is there too. The painter finishes and an argument ensues. The husband is demanding a refund of his money, and the painter insists his work is his best ever. The husband punches him out and says the check better be in the mail. The painter's wife or girlfriend comes down to see what is going on and looks at the portrait and asks WTF?

Finally, we get to see the picture and it looks like Salvadore Dali meets Pablo Picasso. The face is all distorted, but the painter doesn't even realize that it looks wrong, because something is wrong with him.

Meanwhile, Cuddy tells House the hospital is NOT paying for the PI he has hired. "Information saves lives and that saves money," he tells her. "No, it costs money and I'm trying to make sure some is left over."

PI tells Cuddy nice shoes. She pauses and says "Uh, thanks... I guess." He tells House it's less creepy to compliment the shoes, and House replies that it's far more gay too.

House quickly figures out that the painter has not been selling paintings so there must be some other way he is making money. He goes to tell him he has a huge tumor in his head and he's going to have to take Picasso's head off to remove the tumor. Picasso is not impressed, so House says that the lack of terror is a clear indicator that he knows what is wrong. He pries to find out that Picasso has been taking 3 different drug trials. The drugs are about out of his system and that's why it's getting better.

Of course, things get worse. And this is the chunk that I missed.

Skipping ahead, they're continuing to run tests on Picasso Dali. It's still not making sense, the drugs are out of his system, but he's reacting like they are in his system. Taub thinks it might be a toxin in the paint he has been using. Taub goes to see Picasso, and says he needs to know about the paintings he has sold, wink wink nudge nudge.

Picasso's girlfriend wonders why this needs to be a private discussion, and Picasso comes clean about not ever selling the paintings.

Ultimately, House figures out that one of the antacids Picasso was testing led to some materials forming a "hairball" in his stomach. Some pills he took got caught in it, and then got released later. So, massive amounts of drugs he has taken were suddenly flooding his system. They remove the "hairball" and everything is all better.

Tune in next week for a better recap of House MD.


Anonymous said...

Why did Taub tell his girlfriend, "we need to talk," at the end of the show? Did he realize that the car was a cover-up and she was cheating on him or she was planning to leave him once she had enough money? I'm confused on that last part.

Anonymous said...

she was actually honest and she was buying him a car with the money that she saved. he had previously cheated on her. that's why he was was working for house instead of working at his old job. he was going to tell her that he cheated on her. also, it's his wife