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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

House Season Premiere Fall 2008 Recap

Dying Changes Everything

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In the season 4 finale of House MD, Wilson's girlfriend Amber dies. She was in a bus accident, but it was actually a reaction to flu medicine that kills her, not the bus accident.

Amber's death is a strong theme in the premiere episode of season 5 of House MD. Wilson continues to grieve her loss, and he is resigning from the hospital. The relationship between Wilson and House has deteriorated. House thinks Wilson is an idiot for wanting to leave, and tries several times to persuade him to stay. He even tries to get Cuddy and some others to convince Wilson that leaving is not the right thing to do.

In fact, House goes to such an extreme to try and keep Wilson from resigning, that he actually tells Wilson that he is not going to attend to his patient until Wilson changes his mind. We see the patient this week freaking out, thinking that ants, or some sort of insect is crawling all over her body. The patient is not even the central focus of the episode that much, except to the extent she interacts with Olivia Wilde.

Thirteen debates with the patient over the role of women in the workplace. The patient is happy to play the role of subservient, and says, "the world needs lackeys. I'm okay with that." Thirteen is also struggling with accepting her Huntington's disease.

After running through the usual process of misdiagnoses, and life threatening situations, the team finally comes to the conclusion that the patient has cancer and puts her on chemotherapy. Thirteen is feeling pretty good about her ability to save a life without the help of House, only to have House walk in and tell them to stop the chemo. He diagnoses her with leprosy, and all is well, but Thirteen is a little unhappy to realize that she was wrong and House was right. And that the patient is returning to her job as a lackey.

Thirteen can't understand how she can go back to the job that almost killed her. Doesn't almost dying change anything? No. House says "Almost dying changes nothing. Dying changes everything."

House confronts Wilson one more time, and says he's sorry about Amber. He asks if he and Wilson are okay with each other, and Wilson says, no we're not okay. He tells House that he has enabled House to just stomp all over people for years, and he's not going to do it anymore. He finishes by saying that he and House are not friends anymore, and wonders if they ever really were.

Next week on House MD, House stalks Wilson.


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