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Monday, November 16, 2009

House MD Season 6 Episode 8 Recap


Dr. House is back! He's a real doctor again and leading the team. Well, that is to say, he's a real doctor on a fictional TV show, but he's no longer simply in the role of consultant pending a probationary period. He has his medical license back.

He needs to figure out who his team members are going to be, and you know that the producers of the show want to lead us to believe that he's getting the band back together and returning to the original cast.

Oh yeah, right, there is a patient. A porn star with pain in his eye, but so far it seems to be more of a backstory than the focus of the plot.

The patient is goading Chase to admit that he has desires to be with women other than his wife, but Chase insists that he likes the fact that his wife is the only one he is intimate with.

House goes to see Taub, who now does plastic surgery. House degrades Taub's new profession, and as he begins to defend the fact that he really helps people, he offers a possible solution the what is wrong with the patient. House says it felt good to do that, didn't it?

House attempts to apologize to Chase. He says "I was wrrrrrrrr. wrrrrr." And Chase asks what he was wrong about. Even when he apologizes, he doesn't really.

Chase asks Cameron why she forgave him. She says that the difference between her and the patient is that he feels guilt. So, he knows he did something wrong, whereas the patient doesn't think there's anything to feel guilty about. They can work through their problems because he knows that he should do better.

House tells Chase that Cameron blames him (house) for killing Dibala. She doesn't think Chase has anything to feel guilty about.

Now House is attempting to get Thirteen on the team. He says "On my team you get to screw with Foreman. Every way but literally." She says he is going around acting like everyone will want the job even though they don't.

The patient is informed by Cameron that no one in his profession will be able to receive an organ donation. He gets angry that she is "Medically advising him to change jobs." He says he wants people to stop telling him how to live his life.

Whoa. I missed something. Foreman said something is completely filled with worms. The patient has worms? Damn, I missed the beginning of the sentence. I think they said his LIVER was filled with worms.

Chase says take these two pills and you'll be fine. Go back to your lives.

The patient starts puking up foam. He apparently has something wrong with him other than worms in his liver. They are going to treat him for lymphoma.

Cameron snaps at House. Chase says she blames House for Dibala. Chase says he's either a murderer or a guy that stopped a mass murderer, but he did it. He killed Dibala. She needs to accept the fact that his responsibility is his. He says he would do it again too. She says simply, "Okay."

House suggests nuking the patient's bone marrow. They say that is too risky. House says they may as well just let the patient die while they're treating him. Then he says "Is it okay if I inform the other team members now" and faxes the details to Thirteen and Taub. House leaves and Cuddy says that the patient wants alternative. House says so does he.

Chase says he wants to be on the team. House says "Four candidates, three spots. I have a tough decision to make."

Taub and Thirteen get the faxes and conference call with House. Apparently they are becoming interested in joining the team. In fact, Taub show up and says he wants to be on the team. House says that's good news for his wife. He'll let him know.

Chase tells Cameron that he told House he want to be on the team. Cameron goes to House and tells him that she was in love with him. She thought she could heal him. Then she says he almost killed the patient. He knew the correct diagnosis and dangled it out there to bait Thirteen and Taub.

She says He killed Dibala. He played God. He ruined Chase. She says he'll ruin Taub and Thirteen like he ruined Chase. House says, "he killed a patient and you're breaking up with me." Cameron says Chase doesn't know right from wrong anymore. She starts crying and says "There's no way back for either of you." She kisses him on the cheek.

He tells Wilson they all came back except for Cameron. Wilson says you were right. Good for you. He says she's leaving Chase and the Hospital.

Cameron is crying and has a suitcase packed. She is leaving Chase.


Anonymous said...

I didn't like this one. Chase's outburst of "I'd do it again" seems out of character for him. Cameron choosing to leave Chase cuz she thinks he's irreparable seems out of character for her. It feels like a contrived way to get her off the show, while leaving room for her to come back at some point.