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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Doctor House Isn't Real? Say It Ain't So

While traversing the World Wide Web, I came across this bit of idiocy where a whole, real, doctor rips our favorite doctor for not being realistic. Dr. House doesn't act like a real doctor? The next thing you know, you'll be telling me that professional wrestling is fake, or that Jack Bauer doesn't act like a real anti-terrorist agent. This @$$hat needs to get over himself. Let's lay the smackdown, shall we?

"Of all the medical errata in this series (and there are some whoppers), the greatest is surely the conceit that a physician so remote, so neglectful of duty, so sadistic, so downright cruel as Gregory House would be tolerated in any hospital, regardless of the non plus ultra quality of his diagnostic acumen."

You mean the medical stuff they talk about ain't real? Jesus H. Christ! Listen deuchebag, I was a cop for six years. I absolutely love The Shield. Vic Mackey is more brutal, more cynical, and more arrogant than any real cop could ever be, and still keep his job. I've never seen a cop actually lock two rival drug dealers in a trailer, and have them battle to the death to receive protection from cops. If any of the guys I ever worked with would have done the things Vic Mackey did, I would lock them up myself. But c'mon! It's a great show. We all want to, on some level, see a cop throw a severe @$$-whoopin' on some violent thug that has terrorized law abiding citizens.

Nothing is to be gained by glorifying a medical monster who makes the legendary ice prince of surgery, Ben Casey, seem like a latter-day Florence Nightingale—thankfully, Dr. House is a medical monster who does not and could never exist.

Dr. House, a monster? Dr. House is a prick, not a monster. A monster would be a doctor who went around killing patients that he felt would not have a good enough quality of life. Dr. House is a prick and we all love him for it. Dr. House is a modern day Sherlock Holmes. He solves mysteries. He is so driven to solve the unsolveable that he let's nothing stand in his way. He doesn't worry about his health, his job, or other people's feelings while he is on the case.

F.Y.I. House's creator, David Shore, based House on Holmes (get it, House/Holmes/Homes). Some of the referrences are pretty obvious, House's drug use, and his pit-bull like determination to solve the case. House's apartment number is 221B. Wilson/Watson. Dr. House is based on Holmes, and Holmes was based on a doctor. Anyhoo, back to the smackdown.

"What this show needs, in the highly unlikely event that it will survive, is a character who winks conspiratorially at the viewer, conveying his awareness that Dr. House and the plot, dialogue, and story line of this misbegotten series are as outlandishly preposterous as they are laughable."

I swear, educated people are some of the dumbest people on the face of the planet. No! The show doesn't need a character to tell me this show is fiction because I already know it. This is as stupid as the Catholics shrieking about The Da Vinci Code being dangerous and harmful.

Here is the bottom line. Unlike the idiot that wrote this drivel, Sherman Nuland, a surgeon at Yale Univeristy, I live in real life. I turn to TV shows, like House and 24, to get a break from reality. If I want real life, I'll stick to the news.


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SeanS said...

You get reality from the news? Boy, you do like living in fantasy land. LOL.

LittleOrangeFox said...

and eleven year old girls yell LOL in caps after sentences =)

FIAR said...

"in the highly unlikely event that it will survive"

He missed the diagnosis on that one. A year and a half later and it looks like a keeper.

House said...

No doubt. I just read that and was repulsed by the arrogance spewed by this idiot. I bet he's a hippy. I bet he buys gallons of patchouli, and is a member of Greenpeace.

fmragtops said...

Sorry, that was me that wrote that.

Dr. Cranky said...

Going with the Sherlock Holmes theme, note that the guy who shoots Holmes in tomorrow night's episode is named Moriarty. Professor Moriarty was Holmes' mortal enemy, for those of you who aren't geeks.

fmragtops said...

Why you gotta be a geek to like Sherlock Holmes?

Anonymous said...

maybe you should all quit posing as little "houses" and objectively appreciate his awesomeness??