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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No House Tonight

Since last week was the Season Finale, there is no House tonight, not even reruns. Fox has chosen to show Shanghai Nights instead. So tonight we'll be liveblogging Shanghai nights, and I better get caught up because I already missed the first...

What's that. Excuse me, Dr. House is talking to me. No. We're not liveblogging Shanghai Nights.

OK. Change of plans. No House tonight, and no liveblog. We'll see you next time when there's actually an episode of House on, or I have an old episode to recap, or we develop some sort of House related creativity.

Sorry for the interruption.


LittleOrangeFox said...

we need a House award...

and that movis is the worst movie ever, I had to watch it at school. Weird school

Wild Bill said...

And I was so looking forward to your live blog of Shanghai Nights.

You could blog about what House is going to do on his summer vacation.

Steve the Pirate said...

What is House doing on his summer vacation?

Do I smell a filthy lie-esque assignment? ;-)

I vote that he is moving to take over the world.