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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Liveblogging The Season Finale

Ladies and gentlemen, The liveblogging will begin momentarily. I have to sets of hair to wash and put to bed. I should be right on schedule, but the three year has soap in her eyes. I'll be right back.

2000 hrs: I Freakin' hate American Idol! I hope Seacrest catches a fatal dose of gingivitis!

2004 hrs: Professor Moriarty is crappy marksman, and a titty baby. Wah, Dr. House said something Mean. I bet Dr. Nuland is feeling happy in the pants.

2008 hrs: House wakes up his usual chipper self. The bullet ruptured his posterior rim. I heard of that happening to a crack ho once.

2012 hrs: House is messing with the professor Moriarty's treatment. That's so cool.

2014 hrs: Oh great, she killed herself because Professor Moriarty had an affair, and now he blames House. What a jackass.

2017 hrs: House insults the patient's wife, just to find out she's always been faithful. WOW! Dude's eye just popped out! Sweet!!!

2020 hrs: House DFOed (Done Fell Out).

2021 hrs: I pitty da foo' that don't get karaoke on demand!

2023 hrs: Is it just me, or does the chef from Hell's Kitchen look like Christopher Henderson?

2024 hrs: House still laying down the caustic sarcasm on Professor Moriarty, and now he's immitating his flunkies.

2025 hrs: Look, Dr. Cameron is wearing Jack Bauer glasses. Cool! And now, the plot thickens! The patient ain't married.

2026 hrs: Dr. Watson and House discuss this troubling hallucination of the hot wife. Now we see Dr. House got some Special K during surgery.

2030 hrs: Oh, now Professor Moriarty is playing mind games.

2032 hrs: There's a new one. Nobody knows what's wrong with the patient. Wow! His pee pee just expoded! Great special effects in this episode.

Anybody want to venture a guess as to what the incredible exploding man is suffering from?

2037 hrs: "Sack blowing out, on the other hand..." That's classic!

2039 hrs: Ooooh, look at the insite on Dr. Watson!

2040 hrs: Weeeel, what a hallucination! Now we're defining Hallucinatee with Professor Moriarty.

2042 hrs: Vicoden for House is like spinach for Popeye! Give him his Vicoden!

2045 hrs: I hate MySpace. I bet Jack is gonna be pissed when he gets back from China to find episodes of 24 posted on MySpace.

2049 hrs: My libup if obon da flobor! Whoa yeah! Cut her shirt off!

2058 hrs: Real or not real?

2100 hrs: So kiddos, what have we learned from this episode?


FIAR said...

That was awesome with the guy with the tongue.

Dr. Cranky said...

10 minutes in and nobody needs their airway opened or goes into anaphylactic shock??

Dr. Cranky said...

She said "poops." Heheheheheheh

Dr. Cranky said...

Airway opened at 2114 Eastern. Still waiting on anaphylaxsis.

Dr. Cranky said...

...and that's it for the shrimp with lobster sauce...

FIAR said...

did his tngue explode? gross!

FIAR said...

those were his eyes?

FIAR said...

I pinged Mudville
Maybe we'll get a few more partiers

Dr. Cranky said...

He'll be fine once he starts taking his vikees again.

Dr. Cranky said...

That was uncalled for.

Dr. Cranky said...

Anybody want to venture a guess as to what the incredible exploding man is suffering from?

It's either the Rockin' Pneumonia or the Boogie Woogie Flu. I'm not sure which yet.

FIAR said...

I knew he would start to figure out his hallucinations were hallucinations while he was having them.

This episode is freaky

The Cranky Insomniac said...

According to the sitemeter, someone was referred to this site by

check it out if you're in a secure location.

The Cranky Insomniac said...

Who shot JR?

The Cranky Insomniac said...


I knew you knew he would start to figure out his hallucinations were hallucinations while he was having them.

fmragtops said...

Now that was one wild episode. Very philosophical. I was impressed with Professor Moriarty's character.

Oh look, double the house! Is that like a double wide trailer.

FIAR said...

Freaky freaky episode.

Tyler D. said...

That is one of the best season finale’s I have ever seen. Better than 24 actually.

FIAR said...

I love things that EFF with your perception of reality like that.

Steve the Pirate said...

1. If you don't get Karaoke on demand, you face the wrath of Chuck Norris.

2. Hearing my wife scream when his eye exploded was classic. The awful pain in my gut when his testiculars (/jeff foxworthy) exploded wasn't.


fmragtops said...

After having the better part of a day to think about this, I have learned that there were a gazillion clues that the whole thing was a hallucination, but I missed all of them.

The one I can't believe didn't tip me off was when Cuddy knew he's been shooting up morphine. Damn!